Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Picture This

My sweet baby doll of a mare loves water. She will play in a puddle for hours if given the chance. I've always wondered what she'd do if she ever had access to a pond or a larger body of water. My question was answered yesterday.

There is a pond in her field, and yesterday the herd must have ventured to the far corner of the field and found the pond. Picture this. My mare (winter blanket and all) swimming in the pond. I think she's part Lab. The vet had to change her blanket since she soaked it.

Sigh. I have a photo, but it was sent to my phone, so I can't get it off. It's hilarious, I promise. It was 48 degrees yesterday, so we'll see what she does when she doesn't have a blanket on and it's warmer.

Also, if you're on facebook you can check out my lame page for my business and "like it" (even if you don't use tailbags. :) It will make Denali happy! :)


Kate said...

Hahaha! That's hilarious. I've never had a horse that likes water. Actually, I don't know if Cadence(my new mare) does... I guess we'll find out once XC season starts!

Checkmark115 said...

HAHAHAHA that picture was entertaining (the one that formed in my head). I can just see her happy 'puppy' face (the one that dogs have when swimming) paddling in her horsey way through the pond. Silly pony

achieve1dream said...

Oh Denali! Adding to the laundry labor lol. I'm glad she likes her pond and had fun. I can't wait to see summer swimming pictures. :)