Thursday, September 29, 2011


My mom beenz busy. I hates when she busy because I get less snacks. I needz snacks so that I canz keep my beautiful figure. Snacks help make pony sound for more snacking. Iz don't understandz why shez so busy and worried. She come to barn but work in office and Iz don't see her.. She work hard to help my pony friendz. She had party in the summer to clean out rockz. Now she worried because there no money to buy rockz to put in. Iz don't understand getting worried about rockz. She worriez and gets ridz of them. Now she worriez and said she needs to find more for the Center where my friendz and I livez. Why she do that?

I said Mom, ask your friendz. She say that she feel like she alwayz asking for moniez for things and she feel bad. I say it for poniez they okay if it for poniez. So Iz will ask. It is a tax deductible donation, whatever that meanz. Thankz for reading about me I tookz over tonightz. Ignore any future stories about me and trimmer. They liez. Iz good girl.


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SprinklerBandit said...

If only D had rock crunching hooves, you could have saved the big rocks and had her turn them into little rocks! What a great idea. ;-)

Feeling the winter blanket shopping squeeze right now, but I might be able to pitch in later. Good luck!