Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Denali goes back to school.

Man I suck at updating this as of late.

School has started and keeping me busy. Denali had her vet appointment today, but I couldn't be there. She has just seemed "out of it" as of late and I knew something was wrong. The vet said that she was healthy, aside from the fact that she is really sore all over. She adjusted her and did some acupressure on her. Denali was a good girl, but did get nasty a few times when she was working on her back.

Vet's thoughts: Go back to work. She needs to develop more muscles.

Ms. Slew is going back to work. Not under saddle...yet, but that is the vet's goal. We'll see. I'm cautiously optimistic, BUT we all know Denali and how long this might last. She is going to be getting bodywork twice a month and be worked at least 4 days a week.

Maybe I should take best on how long this lasts. Anyone? Anyone?


Julie K said...

Hey this is good news though!!! Maybe the work will help clear her brain so she's not so "out of it?"

I'm thinking positive thoughts with this!

Take pictures!!

Lisa said...

This is a good thing. :)

Who is going to be working her? What kind of stuff will they be doing?

WishIHadAHorsey said...

Hmmm, I think I would rather bet against her getting hurt again! Fingers crossed that develops those muscles (if she needs a little fat to go with it, can I donate??). ;)

achieve1dream said...

Sorry I'm not the betting type. I really hope it goes well and brings her out of her funk. :)