Monday, January 2, 2012

Guess What I Did?

(caution: blog post is perfect example of rambling.)

I rode a horse.

I ran out to the barn (also known as GWB) to see my friend's new boy. Someone had asked, he is an imported Dutch warmblood gelding by Houston x Oldenburg x Joost. He's been at our barn for over a year, and is a LOVE. He's training Prix St. George. I'm so glad that she got him. He's awesome. When I showed up she had her mare out and a friend's boyfriend was riding her.

I ran off to untangle one of the babies who turned his blanket into a toy and managed to LOSE his tail strap and take the blanket off his back and carry it around like a toy. I had my "nice" jeans on and rolled up the pant legs as high as they go since I had to tromp through the mud. When I got back she told me to get my helmet. I somehow let her convince me to just "sit" on her mare. I LOVE THIS HORSE. The other horses were running around and no problem. I haven't ridden in a Western Saddle in I don't know how long, so that felt weird, and the leathers (?-NO idea what you call them on a Western Saddle) were way too short, but we did walk/trot/canter and OMG so fun.  I know you are ALL jealous of my rolled up jeans and muck boots.

I don't remember the last time I just hopped up on a random horse and tried them out. It was before Denali I know that. It was the first time in a LONG time that I didn't feel really scared. She was SUCH a good girl.  It was fun.

After our quick ride I was up chatting with the girls when I see a black streak go running past. One of the trainers horses broke loose from the guy hand walking him and took off. Luckily her property is all fenced in, but still there are thing that they can get hurt on. I always just see $$$ signs running around. I know what some of these horses are worth, and it is more than I will make in a LONG time. I walked over and yelled at the gelding who just stopped and looked at me. I grabbed him and started walking him down to the worker. I didn't want him to get away with it.

As I was walking him down (and he was HOT to TROT) a woman who takes lessons there yelled, "You're holding him too tight." Too tight?? hu? I was really confused since I wasn't holding "him" but his lead rope. I was holding it closer to where it attached, but only because he was trying to rear up and I didn't want him to get up very far. I made him back up, but had to walk him past

"Too tight?"

Tell me, is there such a thing as holding a horse too tight while leading them? I wasn't being mean, I wasn't being harsh, I was simply walking him back down the hill, holding the rope a little closer to his halter (maybe 2 feet from his halter.) I've seen people hanging off of halters when their horses were being super stupid (I don't like that.)  I don't know why her comment frustrated me so much. I take my "horse leading in job" too seriously I guess.

My goal this year is to ride 100 times. I guess that is 1/100 right?

All is well in Ms. Denali's world, I guess... I wish she was closer, but having money in my checking account is a really nice thing (although I am just putting it into my "new horse" account.) My next horse is out there and I figure when I'm ready, it will happen because it's suppose to happen.

Have you made any New Year's Resolutions? Beside trying to ride more I want to FINALLY lose weight. I think life is funny sometime. I said in early December "I wish I could just lose weight." Then I started to not feel really great. It was after eating, or in the middle of the night. My stomach just always hurt, and I thought I was having cardiac episodes. Nope. Really bad, body burning heart burn. For now to ??? I am not suppose to (read suppose to) eat chocolate, tomatoes, mints, onions, caffeine, fatty meats, alcohol, and there are more on my "don't touch" list, but the list might as well say "My Favorite Things." UGH. I keep cheating, and pay DEARLY for it. Pretty much anything I eat make me sick, but those things make it unbearable. The only thing that I can eat, without feeling like shit...Brussel sprouts. :) SO hopefully this eating healthy thing that I "have" to do will become habit.

Maybe that should be my motivation. When I lose 50 pounds I can buy my next horse. If I keep saving, I will probably be able to buy Ravel by that point. I don't diet well. We'll see!


Starbuck's Human said...

Looks like fun! I love riding random new horses every now and then, it's always an adventure and I think you really build your skills that way... I also know it's frustrating for people to just randomly critique your techniques. I mean if it's an instructor or trainer or someone who works at the barn, fine-- that's why they work there. But if it's another student, I always get my back up. How hard is it to rephrase that critique into a suggestion anyway? As to your question, I've actually been reading a LOT about leading young horses and I think the theory is that when you hold the lead rope too tight, two things supposedly happen: 1.- the horse senses that you don't trust him and thus loses trust in you, and 2.- you lose a certain amount of leverage and can be pulled over more easily. But I think that if it's a young horse you haven't worked with and you're not sure about his reactions, you're safest staying right by his shoulder and holding the rope a little closer to the snap. We can't always have perfect posture if we want to stay fluid and safe. Anyhow that's my two cents :)

Lisa said...


I am so excited that you rode!! You look like you are having a blast!

Karen said...

Fellow acid reflux sufferer here. :( It is no fun. They finally put me on meds and life improved dramatically.

Amy said...

I am So happy to hear about you getting on a horse and having a great experience. I can hear you excitement over it through your post. Makes me think you next horse needs to be just like that mare. Maybe not the fancies or the horse with amazing potential but a safe, fun horse that you can have fun and get your confidence back. My weight loss suggestions is to attend weight watcher meetings. I lost 50 lbs year ago that way. The accountability is so helpful.

Dom said...

So awesome! Glad to see you on a horse. :)

WishIHadAHorsey said...

Lookin' good - I am so jealous!

SprinklerBandit said...

w00t you and ravel! That would be fab. Best of luck! Dieting is the pits. Broken jaws are fab for developing willpower though. ;)

Once Upon an Equine said...

Glad you got on and had a wonderful ride. Hope the heart burn goes away soon. That is miserable. I don't get it often, but tis the season for it, for sure, and I had a few very uncomfortable nights myself with all the Christmas goodies around.

Slbaldwin said...

Oh my gosh you look like you are having a blast! So glad to hear that you had a bunch of fun and was comfortable keep it up! I am sure you'll reach your goal.

smazourek said...

When I lead my horses I hold the rope at least two feet from the snap and leave a generous, loose loop. Even if they're feeling "up." If you hold the horse close or on the halter it can make some of them feel confined and then they struggle to get away. Not all horses react this way but I know that mine really hate to be held close and all the other horses I handle appreciate the space.

Jess said...

Awe...I love you! I'm glad you got to ride! So sorry to hear about the reflux. When I was preggers I hated to lay down b/c acid would just pour into the back of my throat, but I had to lay down b/c there was so much pressure and pain in my upper abdomen that I thought I was having a heart attack. It was nasty....but I still ate what I wanted. lol. Momma likes her hot wings! :)

achieve1dream said...

I don't think there was anything wrong with how you were leading the horse. Just ignore judgmental people like that.

I'm excited that you're saving up for a new horse. And getting out to ride! That's a good goal for this year.

I get indigestion a lot too. I've noticed I can "cheat" safely if I'm eating right the majority of the time. Do some research on acid reflux too because a lot of it is HOW you eat as much as what you eat. You need to eat slowly, chew properly, drink after the meal instead of during (no straws), sit up after eating, etc. There are a lot of things that make it a lot better. Good luck! It sucks, but it does get better. And yes my declining health and feeling of well being was my reason for eating better too. :) Good luck!!! You can do it!