Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

A fresh new year is ahead of us. A new year is like a new pair of sneakers, unmarked, and perfect. You have no idea if the shoes will fit, or give you blisters. I hope 2012 doesn't give me blisters. I will say that 2011 was no where near as horrible as 2010.

I got back Friday night from Pennsylvania. We were home visiting family. It's always a whirlwind trip. So many people to see with not enough time. In the tree days that I've been home my friend's husband bought her a horse (Merry Christmas to her!), my best friend had a kid, and I have taken more naps than I have in years.

Positive about friend buying the horse? She needs someone to ride her mare and asked me. I have so many horses that I've been offered to ride, I need to pick one and stick with it. I wish it was easier than that. I just miss Denali. Bah! I am putting money away for my next mighty beast. :) At least saving for him/her makes me feel better.

Oh well! What are your plans for 2012?


Alana said...

Aw! Saving for another pony-beast? Exciting! What are the 'stats' on friend's new horse?
I am terrified and super excited about this year. It will start with Bailey and I going to a trainer's for full time training for a month or two, I will be finishing my degree, starting my three year old under saddle, getting a 'big-girl' job with my degree, finding a house/land, and...getting married. It will be one whopper of a year!! All good things, but the boy's great-grandma's health is bad, my grandparents health is poor, my 8yr old cat may have cancer (currently pain free), my 14yr old cat and my 26yr old horse (I have had them since I was 8) are not doing well at all, and my Walker/Bassett cross is in poor health as well. I think this year will have a lot of tears in it, both happy and very, very sad.

RiderWriter said...

WHUT???!? You "have so many horses I've been offered to ride?" Well, will you PLEASE tell me your secret, because right now I have exactly ZERO horses I've been offered to ride and I'm not very happy about it! *sniff*

I guess maybe it would help if I had a barn to hang around, but I don't at the moment (old lesson barn = too embarrassing because I can't afford lessons, plus last time I had a horse to exercise the BO put the kibosh on it after a month, breaking my little heart).

Seriously, I even went so far as to advertise myself as a "horseless rider" on COTH but I've had not a single response. I'm not famous around here for throwing tantrums or breaking horses :-), so it's not that, but I'm kind of at a loss. Being grounded sucks. Maybe Craig's List? I also don't want to be stuck doing free training for someone. First of all, I don't know how, and second, I don't bounce too well anymore and have no interest in racking myself up coming off someone's rank, barely-handled 3-yr.-old. As much as I'd like to jump, a retired horse suitable for light hacks only would be just FINE, really.

Any hints? (P.S. Guess I need to blog about this and see if anyone else has suggestions.)

achieve1dream said...

Hopefully it's a trend and 2012 will be even better than 2011. :D I'm glad you're not giving up on horses. That makes me so happy.