Sunday, January 8, 2012

Denali Visit

Yesterday was our visit with Denali. I wish I could explain my emotions when I go to visit her. I'm always so excited, but also worried. You know those bad day at the barns? The ones where you go back the next day to fix it and feel better? I have 4-5 weeks between barn visits, and I know that I will worry about it the whole time.

Ophelia's mom, a friend of mine from the Center and I made the trip south. We got there after my friend's polo lesson. Ms. Denali must have run the Kentucky Derby before we got there. Ophie's mom took her blanket off of her, and she was just STEAMING.

We gave her a good grooming, and then OM suggested that I hand walk her. I started walking Denali down towards the other end of her pasture/paddock/run. About 2/3 of the way she decided to pull out her shit. The first thing that I thought of was, "Yes! At least now I have proof of people watching her be an idiot."

Denali tried pulling back, she reared up and "thought" about pawing out (it was her new favorite game with her friend at the rehab barn.) She ran around me. I actually don't remember everything she did. I was trying to keep my heart out of my throat. BUT. I got her listening and was proud of myself. Denali thought there were cougars in the woods, and for some reason I was leading her to our death. Eventually she calmed down and we walked around again.

Best part of the visit? No (zip, zilch) neurological signs at all. I put her back on the Nano-E and don't know if I will ever take her off of it.

This morning I was in the shower thinking of the visit. Then it dawned on me...I didn't see her "off" at all. Even with all of her running around, and her buck, rear, buck game, nothing. She looked totally sound! I left there feeling so good about everything.

AND at the end of the month Denali is getting a new roommate. Ophelia is moving in to enjoy retirement alongside Denali. Oh lord, I wish I could see their faces when the see each other again. I wonder if they will recognize each other?

Look how good see looks!! Dang.

Denali's face while she has two people grooming her. She LOVED it.


Alanna said...

She looks great!

Kate said...

she looks fantastic! if you have to be so far away from her, at least you know she's in great hands :)

Amy said...

She looks so good! You really found an amazing place for her, great job!

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

She looks dang good!!! What happened with Ophie? Why the retirement for her? I hope they have fun together :)

Slbaldwin said...

She looks fantastic and you did an awesome job handeling her naughtyness! Thanks for the update :D

WishIHadAHorsey said...

She looks wonderful!

achieve1dream said...

She looks so great! I'm so happy she was doing so much better this visit. I guess they just sometimes have bad days, but they are tougher than we think. :D