Thursday, March 8, 2012

Awkward Barn Moments

Today was lesson day! I had to rush to the barn to get there in time to get Mr. ready for our lesson. I got there with 15 minutes before our lesson. I ran up to the barn to get everything out (I wanted to make sure that I could get the tack box open. I suck at combination locks.) As I was getting the stuff out I noticed a girl walking Mr. Man up to the barn. Hummm..... She had her helmet on. Awkward.

I introduced myself to her (and I've met her a few times. She exercises horses for some boarders.) Apparently she didn't get the memo that he has a leaser now. Opps. I felt bad taking him from her, and if I didn't have a lesson I would have just let her have him first.

After tacking him up we headed down to the arenas. It's so odd for me to have a horse that does what I ask and doesn't freak out. I was a nervous wreck (understatement.) It's been SO long since I got on a horse by myself with no one else around. The trainer/my friend (I can say that now I think...) was schooling a horse in the outdoor arena for her owner. Seriously AMAZING rider. Anyway, I was SO nervous. I voted to go into the indoor arena since I enjoy the mirrors and the walls that contain a horse if I made a unexpected dismount. I don't plan on it, but I've only ridden him twice, so just to be safe.

Of course he was such a good boy. He tried to test me a few times, but nothing unsafe. Just "hummm....let's walk..No? Okay, fine, we'll trot." We only did 1/2 a lesson since I'm just getting back into riding. We did walk/trot transitions. I felt like my legs were bouncing everywhere, but I can tell that working out is helping.

I did an amazing dismount. I forgot how big he is and was expecting to hit the ground sooner than I did. Ha! It was a bit funny. My trainer asked me how I felt and I think this sums it up: Terrified. I'm so afraid something not good will happen when I'm getting back into riding, I don't know if I could take something else bad, and I really do love horses and riding.

After I got off I let the girl who was planning on riding him cool him off (not that he needs it.) She is a lovely rider! I'm super jealous of a senior in high school. SUPER JEALOUS! When she got off I took his reins over his head and the stinker BIT ME! Lol, it was dinner time and I think he was done. He was still a really good boy, even if my arm has a bruise. Seriously, I'm not able to be around horses without getting hurt. Still had a great time.

Iz sorry. Iz just hungry.
Oh! I think I mentioned that I am going to be the groom for some of my friend's this summer. I sent this this photo and told them that I require this if I'm going to groom. Them paying my way will no longer be enough. :)


Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

These are all really great steps to build confidence. That sticker bit you!!? Bad boy, lol, but I bet he is an angel at heart...
Oh and wtf on that semi trailer house rockstar pad!! LOVE.....

SprinklerBandit said...

Awesome!! You rode!!

He sounds like a great guy (though I'd watch for the biting, lol). Can't wit for your continued adventures in the saddle.

Muddy K said...

That big guy doesn't know anything about your past, remember. He's not part of it of your Denali rides. He's just part of your present, and such a wonderful part because you're actually riding him. It might feel to him like he's carrying a wobbly cardboard box until you settle down a little bit, but hey, he can handle it. I'm so glad you're in the saddle again.

achieve1dream said...

Ouch on the bite! I'm glad you're not taking it personally though (I have a problem with that when they bite lol). :) Sounds like the lesson went well. Remember to visualize good things and concentrate on the happy things. Don't worry so much about things going wrong. That just perpetuates your fear and makes it almost impossible to enjoy yourself. You rode!! You had a lesson!! You have a lease horse!! You have a barn full of horses and friend you can socialize at (miss this!)!! Focus on those amazing things. :D I'm so happy for you.