Saturday, March 24, 2012

Oh Denali!!

Today was Denali day! I found a friend to go with me at the last minute, so I picked her up bright and early (well...9am.) We hit Starbucks and started our road trip. We got there around 11am and as we pulled up I saw that barn owner leading Ms. Denali into the barn. I also noticed that there was a broken fence in the arena. Ugh. Apparently she turned Denali out...Denali walked over to the fence....and promptly turned, kicked and broke it.

The barn owner (who ranks in the top 10 of my favorite people) was running out, but had a few minutes to chat. Apparently the caretaker is afraid of Denali. GREAT (said in a low, long sarcastic tone of voice.) I don't care that he's afraid of her, I just worry that she is going to get kicked out. I'm not sure where she'd go if this didn't work out. The barn owner told me she's not afraid of Denali, but that she respects her. Denali isn't a mean horse, but she is an anxious girl who's brain disconnects once in a while. I had taken Denali off of SmartCalm Ultra and put her on SmartHarmony, but I am switching her to a Calming Supplement again to see if they see a difference. She has a lot of smartpak's already there so I ordered another smartpak for "Mare-Wolf!" so she can get it now. I hope it helps. I think my husband put it best when he said, "She expects 100% confidence and if you don't have it, she knows it and will push you."  If it helps keep her calmer and from being stupid it's worth it to keep her there.

Denali looks GREAT! It's been pretty nice, she has a good winter coat on (while she's shedding pretty good) so I talked to the barn owner and decided to take off her winter blanket and let her go naked for now.  It shouldn't drop below 35 and it's in the mid-50's for the next 10 days. She has a really fuzzy coat so I hope she'll be okay. She HATES being hot and gets uber cranky (if it's possible for her to get crankier.) They will blanket her if she gets cold, and that way I don't need to worry that she is too warm. You can see her ribs "a little" and the barn owner got really worried about it. I said not to worry about it. When you run the Kentucky Derby a few times a day, it's hard to keep weight on. I didn't get a good photo of her.

What's the first thing a horse does when they get their blanket off? Denali found the muddiest spot and rolled....and rolled....and rolled. I told her she got to stay that way and threatened to leave her, but of course couldn't handle the dirt. Gave her a good grooming and got the matting off of her belly. She was a good girl. It took me a while, but I brushed and brushed and brushed her hair. I'm not ready to roach it, but did get some scissors. At first I committed a huge sin and just brushed it down and cut it straight. She looked like she was from the 80's with layered hair. I was going to leave it, but after I got done laughing at my poor girl, I fixed it. It's still pretty long, but looks a lot better than it did. Hopefully without the Wild Stallion Mane, she'll stop the wild stallion behavior.

Bah! So bad!! Poor Mare-Face

It was actually sunny out, so we jumped into the car and ran out and did a few errands. I got some $ for the farrier who is coming out in a few weeks (including a tip) and we went back to the barn. My beautifully groomed horse was back to a hot dirty mess. I give up. Love Mud Denali! I'm glad. She doesn't ever like being groomed, but when she's shedding, it's her favorite thing! She was such a good girl for me. She usually is a really good girl for me (except when the brain disconnects.)

But Momz, you camera case looks likes a treats!!

After visiting Denali we made, what felt like 7,000 stops, and ended up about an hour east at a friend's farm. It was beautiful and we got to play with more adorable horses (and the world's cutest pony!)

It was a good day. I really miss Denali (her naughtiness and all!) and wish she was closer. I'm glad that she's happy, healthy, and loving life, but I miss her. Honestly, I couldn't pick a better place for her and am really grateful that she is allowed to live there. Cross your fingers that it's for a while! I don't think I can handle looking for another barn. 


Dom said...

LOVE her mane. It's so good to see her happy.

achieve1dream said...

Awww she's so cute! Too bad she can't be that way all the time. Mares! LOL! I'm glad you had fun.