Monday, April 9, 2012


I had an incredibly fulfilling, pony filled weekend. Friday I was "sick" and stayed in bed and woke up to a bright burning thing in the sky. With the intent to enjoy some of it, I got dressed and went to the gym. I did a 90 day challenge and had to do the final weigh in. I've lost a total of 22.4 pounds since January 13th. I still have a lot more to go, but it's a start. After a shower and a few errands, I left the city before I normally get out of work. Win! There was a clinic at the GWB (Giant Warmblood Barn) on Friday and Saturday.  Alfredo Hernandez, a piaffe/passage specialist came up from CA. Beside the fact that he is amazing at what he does,  he is also hilarious. After cleaning out my car (yikes!) I made it to the barn to watch the last session of the day.

There are few things that get me out of bed before 8am on a Saturday, but ponies are defiantly one of them. Earlier in the week I asked Pia's mom if she wanted come watch the clinic and then do our "Tour de Barns." We met at P's mom's house and drank delicious coffee. I got to introduce myself to her husband, just to be reminded that I met him once before during a certain trailering day...gulp. *blush* Opps. wonder why I don't remember that.

Saturday was a beautiful, beautiful day! Not a cloud in the sky and it was WARM! We made it to the barn around 10 am and got to watch the trainer on one of her horses. It's always amazing to watch the horses working with this clinician. He has taken horses who have never done Piaffe, or Passage and by the time they make it around the arena one time the horse has it. There is never fear on the horses part, and they almost always "get it." It's pretty amazing to watch actually. In addition to being great, he is H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S!

After a morning outside in the sun, we grabbed breakfast and went to meet Prairie, Pia's new sister. Prairie ranks right up there with the GWB's at my barn in terms of size. She is big and beautiful! I'm sure Pia's mom got tired of hearing about how much I loved her ears! They are the best mare ears that I have ever seen. After meeting Pia before, I can say that Prairie is the total opposite of Pia. I suggested that Pia never meets Prairie to give her any ideas. Prairie tired so hard to understand what her mom was asking her under saddle, and was such a good girl. She is stunning (like her mom) and beside the mutant donkey that roams the land, was an angel. I took a zillion videos and most of them are still trying to be uploaded to my computer. It was a really fun day rounded out with some good friends, good drinks, and a good fire. Perfect day!

Sunday was my ride day. My friend, who I normally ride with, wasn't going to be out so I went out a bit later than normal. It was a beautiful day and I was excited to ride in the sun. Pulling into the barn I noticed that Mr. wasn't in his stall. Okay, it's nice out, maybe he's turned out. I went and set up my video camera (note: I need someone to video for me, even with a tripod is stink at it!) and then walked up to the barn. There was Mr. turned out and enjoying a nap. I noticed that he had sweat marks on his face and back. Weird I thought, his owner must not have groomed him yesterday. Once I was in the barn I noticed that his tack locker was open and his stuff was set out. Humm...the mystery thickens. Then I noticed that girl who use to ride him for his owner. I was so pissed at this point all I could do was point. I pointed at him, pointed at his tack, and pointed at her. "Oh, his owner told me that I could ride him. Don't worry, I didn't ride him hard."

At this point my blood is boiling. I couldn't imagine why his owner would think that having two people ride an 18 year old horse in the first "heat" of the year was a good idea. I didn't talk to her, and just tacked him up and took him to the arena. I didn't want to not ride, but I knew it would be of slug proportions. The last lesson that I had we worked on transitions. I need to have another lesson because I don't know what else to work on. (After watching my video I look like a Muppet on him, and I need something to work on IN ADDITION to walk/trot trot/walk transitions.)We ended up working on just going forward. I assume that the feeling was the same as riding a slug. The poor guy was so tired. He is never naughty or evasive, just was tired.

After our ride (if you can call it that) I stewed and decided to wait to text Mr's owner until the girl left. I didn't want to be there if she got a call. Guess what? Turns out that she wasn't suppose to be riding him. I don't know what will happen. I was cc'd on the e-mail she sent her today and it doesn't seem that will be happening again.

At work I had to reblanket 30+ horses in addition to normal barn chores. It was a hot day! I was in bed by 8:30 last night. That was the best part of the weekend!


SprinklerBandit said...

Ugh. That girl would piss me off. Hope the situation is taken care of now.

Sounds like you had fun with Ps' mom. Maybe next time she can video you riding, too!

WishIHadAHorsey said...

That is really nervy of the girl! Glad you had a good day with Pia's mom.

achieve1dream said...

Stupid girl! That would totally piss me off. Seriously did she not think you would check with his owner?? I'm glad you had an awesome weekend regardless of dumb people lol.