Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Spring has yet to find the Pacific Northwest. Sunday I THOUGHT it had found its way here, but it must have gotten lost somewhere. Sunday, I woke up early to go meet my friend and ride our boys (well, my borrowed boy.) It was the first "nice" day (read: not raining buckets) that we've had in a few months 

We had an awesome ride. I let Mr. borrow my BoT saddle pad. His owner has one saddle pad that she uses, and I question the fit of his saddle. His saddle pad is thin, and the saddle, while nice, doesn't have much give.  Mr. seemed really happy and I hardly had to use my spurs at all. We worked on transitions some more, but with two other horses in the arena didn't want to attempt much more and break anymore arena rules than I did already.

My "extra" job at work starts again this week. I won't be able to have a lesson this week. Yesterday we got an e-mail that our trainer had to cancel lessons next week because she was invited down to ride with Steffen Peters. I told her "I GUESS that's okay." I try very hard to not run around squealing about how cool she is, but it's hard. In other fun news, my other friend (who is a photographer) is on "hold" to come take photos of a new foal that is due soon. The foal is by Totilas. I have offered to be her new assistant to hold the cameras for her. The owner came out on Saturday, and I kindly offered to come guard the baby after he/she is born.


SprinklerBandit said...

I love hearing about you having fun with horses. Yay!

Alanna said...

Riding with Steffen Peters, and a foal by Totilas?! You do ride at an awesome barn.

achieve1dream said...

Wow you barn is awesome!! So much excitement!! :D