Sunday, April 29, 2012


Not much a pony at 16.2.

I love my trainer. I don't think I can express my love for her enough (at least without being that creepy girl who no one likes.) She is taking a full lease out on Vera so that I can lease Mare from her (and it makes it cheaper for me!) Hopefully she'll get to stay a "bit" longer. Still not getting too attached. She could sell tomorrow for all I know.

She sent me a text last night saying it was almost all figured out, but to go and "ride away." Today was my hubby's 32nd birthday, I have a huge meeting at work tomorrow, a job interview tomorrow night, and a million and one things to do. BUT who could resist this face?
Whatz you meanz you ride me now?
 My friend sent me a text this morning, and talked me into going out and riding. I got as much done for work as I could, Ifinished up things for my husband's surprise birthday dinner, and got to the barn around 11.

Ms. Vera was napping in the sun when I showed up. She sort of reminds me of a tank. She's not the biggest horse at the barn, but she is by no means the smallest. Like a good pony she stood still while I got her ready. She likes to paw while in the cross ties, but today only needed reminded once to STOP.

There was a horse already in the indoor arena, so I opted to go in the outdoor to ride with my friend. Ms. Vera was a saint while I hoped up and got situated. She did take a few steps, but nicely backed up when asked and stood there.

We did more circles and figure 8's. I swear I need one of those things that keeps your shoulder's back. I kept rolling my shoulders forward, and then she had no support in the outside rein. I'm sure we looked drunk a lot! We made it a bit farther today  bending correctly, and going forward. I'm sure it's 99% rider error when we look drunk. When I could remember to keep my shoulders back (Or as Ophie's mom and I use to say, "Tits up") it went much better.  Our trot was less racehorse like today, and she was a peach the whole ride. I was a bit nervous because there were 4 geldings in the field next to the arena. That didn't bother Vera one bit. She was interested in them, but did as she was asked.

We ended our ride with some canter work. I could ride her canter all day. She is such a nice moving horse. I don't know how someone hasn't bought her yet! One thing I did find out about her today is she is racist. She tried TWICE to kick out at the chestnut geldings. (Yes, I realize horses are not racist.) One is a National Champion in Dressage, and I just about had a panic attack when she kicked out. Yikes.

Today was one of the first days that I started to feel guilty about rehoming Denali. It is the perfect home, and the guy will take great care of her, but still. We've been through a lot together, but I think it will be good for her to live somewhere with wide open fields and less rain. Still it makes me sad. I might feel less sad if I wasn't riding Vera. I sort of feel like I'm cheating on her. If my husband and I were going to be in Seattle forever, it wouldn't be such a big deal for me. He will be one in a year or so with his PhD., and we will probably move twice again in a short period of time, and I don't know where that will be. I don't want to do that to Denali.

Tomorrow is her vet appointment for all of her final paperwork, etc. Send her good vibes! I haven't talked to the guy who is taking her all weekend. I hope to know more by the end of this week as to when she is leaving. I haven't made a huge announcement about it yet. I don't want to tell everyone she's leaving, just to have it fall through. If it falls through I need to remind myself that I was pretty happy with the current plan. I will feel much better about everything when I get a call that she is safely off the trailer in MT.  What's that saying? "If you love it let it go?......" I never in a million years thought she wouldn't be with me. I honestly think she will be so happy. I just want it all over with though.


samihob said...

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Erica said...

I'm glad to hear that everything is going good with Vera! And Your doing the right thing for Denali, she will be happy living somewhere where she can just be a horse. :-)

Dom said...

What a beautiful face.

SprinklerBandit said...

Sounds like Vera is at the right place in the perfect time. I don't think I could have let Izzy go if it wasn't for Cuna.

It's weird and sad to watch one you thought would stay forever go, but it's for the best. Really, it does get better. Think about how happy she's going to be and that Vera is going to be here for you. :-)

achieve1dream said...

It is so sad to say goodbye to Denali, but don't feel like you're cheating on her. You're doing something that makes you happy and gives you confidence and that can never be a bad thing. :) She will be so happy with all of that room to move around and just be a horse. I know it's hard, but you're doing the right thing for her.