Monday, April 30, 2012

Vet Appointment

Today I got a voicemail that used both "Denali" and "Good Girl" in the same sentence. I was really worried that the vet grabbed the wrong Thoroughbred mare. (Seriously.) She didn't need her teeth done (good) and got her shots. The vet forgot to do the microchipping, but will do that this week. I need to fax out her papers tomorrow to do the brand inspection.

BAH! I wish decisions were easy to make. Today the idea of shipping her somewhere random that I haven't visited made me really nervous. I really hope the references were all telling the truth. I am planning a trip in June/July to go check up on her and make sure she's happy and healthy. I talked to the guy tonight (I am SURE that I'm going to drive him nuts) he is planning on coming over next week. I am now trying to decide if I go visit her one more time this weekend, or if I just wait for the day he is coming to go see her and say goodbye. I can't tell what is going to be easier. I'm sure that either way is going to probably suck. It will probably suck a lot.

In other, cheating on Denali news, I have a lesson tomorrow on Vera. Her owner took back her saddle because her other horse is back into training. SO, of course I sell my saddle and 3 weeks later have a horse to ride. FAIL. Hope we can figure that one out. I guess I could learn a lot bareback? (kidding!)

Cheating on Denali.


Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

Vera looks like a very sweet girl, your smile says it all! You are NOT cheating on Denali-you are providing her with the best retirement plans and to enjoy HER life. :)

Erica said...

I may take up bareback training as well if my gelding decides that his new saddle doesn't fit either. I hate saddles especially western because I have it in my head that an english saddle would be easier to fit, no idea where I got this idea.

achieve1dream said...

Hey, bareback is awesome!! ;D I'm glad you're having fun with Vera. You are not cheating on Denali though. See what I wrote in a previous comment. All good!

I don't know which will be easier as far as when to see her. If you see her ahead of time you might agonize over the decision . . . hmm. You're right. Decisions are not easy lol.