Monday, August 17, 2009

Staying in the Caribean, please send horse.

Ok, not really. I absolutely LOVED the Caribbean!! Who wouldn't? Beautiful blue water? 90 degree temps? Swimming with Dolphins, Sting Rays, and fish. I DID not want to go home. Apparently someone upstairs took that literally because I'm stuck at the airport. I showed up this morning at 5 am for a 6:40 flight, and then found out that I can't get out until 7:25pm tonight. That's a grand total of 14 + hours sitting in the airport. Not what I'd call a good time. They DO have free Wi-Fi which makes me a little happier!

Got a good report on Ms. Denali's behavior, aka she didn't kill anyone while I was gone. I'm looking forward to seeing her big mug tomorrow. I'm not even sure when I'm going to have time to ride the beast before September. So much to do, not enough to do it!

Hope everyone's horses are behaving!

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