Friday, August 7, 2009

Eat Shit

I'm sitting at the Miami Airport waiting for my family to arrive so we can be on our way...I only have 3 more hours to wait. Sigh.

About the shit, Denali eats manure. What could be missing from her diet that she's trying to get from the poo? If you look at their paddock there is very little poo in there. I just finished up a 5 day Panacur to kill off anything that doesn't go with the regular wormers. It's just gross, but I still kiss that nose everyday.

Yesterday we had an FEI Judge, (Paula Kierkegaard) come to our barn to give one of the ladies a lesson. I was in the cross ties grooming a very grumpy, crabby Denali (I think the panacur is making her not feel so hot. Well Denali, don't eat shit.) Denali tried to kick me twice, TWICE! She's extra, extra crabby. I think she's going into season. Anyway, the point of my rambling... Paula walked into the aisle way and was on her cell phone. Since Denali was being grumpy, I didn't want any chance of Denali kicking the FEI judge, I finished quickly and took her outside. She did the most beautiful trot I've ever seen her do (She wasn't suppose to be trotting, but I was walking fast) She arched her neck and it looked almost like she was prancing in place. She's SUCH a show off!!! If she has more than three people watching her, she always shows off. It gives me hope for showing in the future. I wish I could have taken a picture or video of her. She may not be an expensive warmblood, but she knows how to work it!!

Back to the vacation... spending 10 days with my mom, dad, and brother. I hope no one gets hurt! It usually doesn't end well when we spend that much time together. I'm envisioning Stewie on Family Guy when Peter and Louis went on a cruise. Okay, okay they're not that bad. Actually, my parents are pretty amazing people and help me pay for Denali's training. My mom is the one who told me to move her to a new barn, and that's how we found the one we're at now. I wish they could come meet her!

Enough babbling!!


Anonymous said...

Does Denali bolt her food? Horses who eat their grain very quickly don't chew it enough, and therefore it is not digested properly. This results is whole pieces of grain in their manure, which can lead to the horse eating manure. If she does bolt her food, a few large, smooth rocks put in her feed bin will slow her down.
She may also be lacking in vitamins and/or minerals, so make sure her diet is not lacking. You can also give her free-choice salt and minerals (not in a block, however, as they were designed for cattle. Horses have a hard time licking them enough in order to get the proper amounts of salt/minerals).
Or, she might simply be bored. Try offering her more hay so she has something to chew and distract her.

Denali said...

Good Idea!!! She INHALES her food! I swear she has it all gone before you walk away from her! I'll go searching for rocks!

She has a salt rock in her stall that she eats. I'll pick up the salt you suggested and give that a try!

Thank You!!