Friday, August 21, 2009


hothed, that was Joanna's word verification and it made me laugh out loud, therefore it get to be my title. That and I don't feel very inspired!

My husband is back from the middle of no where! We went out to ride Denali today and she was SO good! I swear that she behaves because he's around. She stood for tacking, stood for mounting, and was AWESOME for riding.

I rode her for a little bit trotting around and working on keeping her straight. A lady at our barn had said she's like to try Denali out so we switched horses. I cantered hers around the arena and it was SO much fun!! He is an awesome little Appendix. Denali did a really good job for her too, I was proud of her!!

Tomorrow is the SAFE horse show where I'm going to go sell my bazillion Nonies for the rescue. I was so sick of making those damn things that if I ever see another Nony someday I'll freak! What's a Nony you ask? See my other blog I made them registration papers today. They'll have their own horse class tomorrow at the show. I hope it works out!

Okay, I'm tired. I really suck at posting pictures hu? I thought I'd include some from my vacation to the Caribbean. These two are from Grand Cayman Island. I didn't take them, but they're amazing regardless!! I LOVED THE OCEAN!!

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