Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I'm running out of titles

Went out yesterday and rode Denali for a little bit. There is a girl (15?) at our barn who does gaming. She had her horse in the arena lunging while I was already lunging Denali, and Ophelia's mom was lunging her. That's already 2 horses. Sigh.... (See where I'm going here.) Denali did really well! She HATES other horses near her, and pins her ears very tightly to her head. I think this is because of race training, and her being jostled around by other horses.

Well the gaming horse did something that freaked him out and that caused Denali to spook. She went 90 mph (okay. I didn't clock her, but it was fast) backwards towards Ophelia. I got her started, and kept her going until she was calm, but that was it. I refused to ride with crazy horse/owner. I was so pissed. I'm not doing a very good job of explaining it, but I just don't see the need to be dragging barrels and tarps all over while we're riding. She was there before us, and could have set up AND (more importantly) probably should have mentioned "Hey, I'm going to move this tarp."

TODAY was different. We had a great ride, she collects so nicely and does such a great job. I did have to buy some boots for her front legs. She had a lump on her leg the other day last week, and the trainer suggested that she hit her leg while playing outside. Well, with the boots on, I've figured out she ALWAYS hits her legs together, you can hear them when riding. The boots I bought have plastic on the outside, so I think maybe that extra thickness on each is what is causing the noise. I can't imagine her hitting her legs together all the time. Does that happen? My trainer was surprised at how much Denali wore her boots after just one ride. You can see the marks on them. If she keeps getting marks, I may need to work on plan B.

Other than that, packing my bags! Wonder where I'm going? Think little umbrellas! I'm going on a cruise with my family (Mom, Dad, and brother.) I'm pretty excited, but I HATE leaving Denali! I know that Denali is in good hands, but after my last experience of leaving her while we were in Denmark, it's hard.

I'll post pictures of little umbrellas!

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SprinklerBandit said...

Love the barn, hate the boarders... I sympathize. Some people do the dumbest things and are almost impossible to work around. I'm glad you worked through it, though. Have fun on your cruise!