Monday, April 26, 2010

Pony Catch-Up

Like I said in my last post, my life has been crazy. My in-laws are in town, and I mentioned that, but what I couldn't mention was the reason they were here. On Friday I had a surprise 30th birthday party for my husband. I must say, he was shocked! It was fun, of course it rained, and of course I didn't have a solid back up plan (it was in our back yard) but we put up tarps and made the best of it. There were at least 40 people in our little, tiny Seattle house. It was fun regardless, but I ate WAY too much food! I spent last week driving around and picking everything up to make the food and then hid it at the neighbors houses. I took off work on Friday and spent the day getting everything organized, and cooked. I think it was a success.

In other pony type related news, I may be a working student again. A local rider is looking for some extra help. She rides Grand Prix, and just moved back to the area. She does training and judging all over the United States (or so says her website.) She is looking for someone who is interested in working in exchange for lessons, board, or training. I would be most interested in lessons, since I think I'm going to keep D where she is for the time being, plus I'm pretty sure I could never work off all the board. I would need to work all day, everyday. I'm pretty excited about meeting her. This week I'm really busy, and then she's flying back East to go to a Judges training so we're going to meet next Wednesday, May 5th. I'll keep you posted on that.

As for the Sweet Denali, I haven't been out since last Tuesday. I'm a horrible, horrible horse owner currently. Her lessor hasn't been out either, and I'm not sure if she's done with leasing or not. I haven't had time to talk with her. I took my in-laws out to meet their "granddaughter" and warned them the entire time that she would probably be really worked up, and would run around a lot. I gave the speech about staying away from her butt, and if she freaks in the cross ties to duck into a stall.

so....of course after all of that she was an angel!

She was really happy to see me, and just wanted her face brushed. She was really itchy apparently. I think she scratched her face for 10 minutes (she brushes her own face, I just hold the brush.) Then it turned her out in the arena and she didn't do anything, no running, no crazy antics, nothing. When I went out there with her she walked right up to my shoulder. When I walked she'd walk, when I'd stop, she'd stop. She remembered everything from our "showmanship" lesson last week. It was fun to show off something that I remembered. She's so smart.

My in-laws leave tomorrow, then it's back to "Operation Ride My Horse."


Leah Fry said...

That's very cool if you can arrange a barter for lessons. Heather and Nita teach me basic stuff that transcends both disciplines, but I want real western lessons. Maybe when Mr. Fry gets a better job.

Poco did the same thing to me when my friend Kristen rode with us. After I had warned her what a nut job he could be, he was angelic. I'm perfectly okay that he made a liar out of me.

Laura Maynard said...

So cool about Denali! Good luck getting the WS position... what a great opportunity