Thursday, February 10, 2011

41 days

It was a sunny day in Seattle. Not something that happens very often during winter, and I actually forgot what it was like. That's sad.

The vet called, and apparently Denali doesn't know it's the year of the sound horse. Well, she made it 41 days, and she's not really "off" but is defiantly sore on her left hind. I'm not too worried.

That nose is so velvety and soft, It's amazing!
 Ran out to the barn after work to see the girl. No one was going to be there, but the vet said she was in the arena due to the lameness. Her boyfriend was lame too so they got to be quite the pair. She's shedding like crazy so I decided that I would take the blanket off and groom off her excess hair (btw: LOVE my furminator!) There were two horses with Denali, so I decided to take her into the round pen to groom her.

She followed me right in and her buddies stayed far from us. I've been reading The Tao of Equus, and at one point it mentioned telling the horse how you're feeling.

So, I look at Denali and tell her that I'm nervous around her, and that I'm sorry.

She turned, looked at me and started to lick and chew. It was so weird. I'm sure that could be from anything but she almost looked like she got it. She was a good girl and spooked once. There is a new rescue in and he was screaming in his stall. She spooked as far away from me as possible. This is a new behavior (since November). She use to spook into me all the time, but hasn't since our accident. I don't know if it has to do with that or ?? but I'm pretty pleased I don't have a 1200 pound horse trying to crawl into my lap.

While grooming her she seemed really sensitive on the left side of her back. She kept flinching while I curried there. That might be where the bucking fit came from. Who knows. Her butt seemed sore too. She's been running around like crazy, so she probably just pulled something.

Also. No ribs. None. Zip. Zilch. She's so fat (for a thoroughbred.)

In other news I have finished assembling Denali's dream team. I talked to the trainer tonight, and she seems really good. The vet recommended her, and she's willing to drive to the barn to work with us. All good things. We don't have a date picked yet.


Lisa said...

Glad you found a trainer. I hope it's the perfect situation for you both. :)

eventer79 said...

Woot on the trainer! And that is pretty neat about her response to your feeling reports too. Maybe if I tell Solo that I am very depressed that he hurts himself, he will kindly stop??

Dom said...

Tell that silly mare of yours that I am grateful she's learning to spook away from you. That is an important life skill and we like you in one piece.

SprinklerBandit said...

Good news about the trainer and Denali spooking. I'm hoping to find a way to teach Izzy that without involving us in a massive accident. ;-) I'm just not as tough as you are.

Hope all is well with D...

Sarah said...

This is a great post! Forward progress is good! Well, the lameness not so much, but it doesn't sound like anything serious.
I love talking to Miles. Even if he could care less it helps ME.
That mare of yours is damn cute. I love love love her ears:)

Annette said...

What do you think of the book? Someone recommended it to me a number of years ago and I forgot all about it.

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

Ha, you know I still have fears of Laz running/plowing me over. I dont know why, he never has. Just every other TB in my life has, so I assumed....but I think the Tao'isms are amazing! I tell Laz before EVERY ride, "Take care of me" and he does. I think there are some MAJOR forms of communication that go super deep that I can't even begin to understand. But they do. I'm so excited to hear about the new trainer! What a great resource!

in2paints said...

So happy to hear you've found a trainer... a good trainer can make all the difference, and in so many ways.

Hopefully her lameness is nothing. I'm sure she just stepped wrong or played a bit too hard. 41 days isn't bad, right?

achieve1dream said...

The soreness may have had something to do with it. Maybe she needs to see a chiropractor. I bet all the exercise she's getting playing with other horses just has her sore. That would be a good thing. :)

I can't wait until you get to meet the trainer. I hope it turns out great!

Carol said...

It sure sounds like the soreness could have been the cause of the buck the other day. Don't you wish they could talk to us? All in all though, things are going so well for you.
Thanks very much for the info on immune system support - I was so happy to get the comment from you because I figure you've done the research :)

Anonymous said...

Maybe thats how Denali keeps hurting herself aswell