Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fab February!

I have a love/hate relationship with February.

Let's have a Denali's mom flash back (insert flash back noise here) In college I had a boyfriend. He was tall, handsome, and was on the basketball team at my college. He was also a dick. I didn't see the fact that he was a dick, I was too drawn to the fact that he was tall, handsome, and played basketball (I love basketball.) I believed every word that came out of his mouth. Horrible things happened with him. I won't share those here. Denali woudln't be pleased. This blog is about her. Not something that happend years ago.

I remember being at a party once and overhearing a girl talk about the guy she was fooling around with, and how his girlfriend had no idea. I knew it was me she was talking about, but I continued to be stupid about it. (Side note: This is why I joined Rugby. I wanted to beat the crap out of her without getting in trouble. I heard that she was trying out for the team so I figured I would too. She quit the team within a week. Win for me. I know, I sound like such a nice person.)

Flash forward to February of that year. I went to a friends house with her and came back to college a day early to find out that he had stolen my car, and went to another college with one of my friends (now ex friend.) Long story short,needless to say I lost my mind, and I finally wised up and dumped him. Asshole. Anyway, I dumped him on Valentines day. Needless to say for the next few years I hated the holiday. Jerk-face ruined it for me, and gave me a bad taste for men and "love".  It wasn't until I met my husband that I realized a few things:

1. There really are nice guys out there. I didn't think they existed. Poor guy. I think the first year and a half we were together I kept expecting him to cheat on me, dump me, or just be a jerk. He has yet to do that (and I know he never will!)
2. You don't need to put up with a jerk-face.
3. Love does exist in things that have less than 4 legs.

So, let's hear it for the horse husbands! The ones who put up with our excessive spending, hours away from home, and the smell of hay/supplements/horse that always lingers around the house/car. Also, lets hear it for the jerk-face boyfriends that helped to make us the people we are today. I know I am a much stronger person because I dealt with Jerk-face.

Also, welcome to February. January was pretty good to us. Only one vet bill, for a fecal float (which is preventative.) Pretty good for us!!


Minus Pride said...

I can totally relate to having a Jerk Face in your past. Hooray for horse loving husbands and boyfriends, and only one vet bill!!!

Laura M. said...

Amen! Horse Husbands are the best! Mine actually came with me to the year-end gathering for our local horse show association... my barn owner / coach loves him for that.

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

omg!! So funny b/c I almost texted you the other day (when u were at Parelli clinic) that I had JUST bumped into my x asshole bf of 8 yrs, that very minute after we were texting....whom I hadn't seen in like 6 yrs. It was nauseating and I wanted to punch him, but AMEN to the good horse husbands that teach us we are something to grab a hold off and can now laugh at the tiny,dumpy exes. lol!

Anonymous said...

You only had one Jerkface? Lucky you! Yes, let's hear it for the fabulous men that we finally got after paying our dues.

Loved your post - made me giggle (but feel for ya at the same time...).

Denali's Mom said...

Lol, I was usually the jerky girlfriend who dumped them. This was the only one who ever broke my heart, but after he broke it he kicked it around, stomped on it and then buried it in a hole. I could write a whole other blog on jerky boys who were crazy, but then again that's another blog!!

Jay Jennings said...

Yea for the Horsey husbands! I'll pat myself on the back here.

Let me tell you it's no picnic from the other side. Try dating women and explaining to them "yea, no I'm not going out with you on Friday nights because that's a horse night". Or you will be spending more on your horses then your house + car + bills. Or why a $3000 saddle is a necessary and why you need one for each horse. And why while your dating the horses will always come first, them second. After marriage *maybe* horses will become second ;). Women don't like hearing that they won't be #1 in any relationship.

It's alright I found me a great horsey gal; who puts up with all my crap and the horses too. Of course if she ends the season again with more points/ribbons than me she maybe out on her own.

Sorry you dated a jerk; but then you have to date a few to appreciate a good nice guy.

Checkmark115 said...

GAH. I've had enough jerks in my life that treated me like complete poop. Thankfully I found my horsey boyfriend :D I know, not husband....yet.

Dom said...

My first boyfriend tried to kill himself in my best friend's apartment, called me from the psych ward the next day, and told me he couldn't live without me. These days I'd probably reply, "Good. Go die," and hang up the phone, but at 16, I foolishly got into a nine month relationship during the course of which he threw me down stairs and hit me with his car.

That was February 13th.

Bryce and I also got together in February. Thankfully, his good has trumped Asshole's bad. I still largely ignore V-day, but it no longer leaves a sour taste in my mouth.

SallymetHarryHorse said...

well said...horse OH's that put up with horse-girls are the best!

Carol said...

Great post - glad you have a sense of humor about all of it :)
Boy, can I relate. At least you wised up quickly. I just kept dumping one to move on to another one, for way too long a time. Finally it clicked "stop dating pretty boys and find a man" (man being someone who'd mature and responsible and comfortable with who they are) - and I have my wonderful horse husband :)

SprinklerBandit said...

Sorry about the sh*tty bf. I had one, too... yep, definitely like who I am now better than who I was before I dated him.

Plus, he totally made me appreciate my husband, who kicks me out of the house on weekend afternoons because I need to go ride my horse.

He doesn't ever ride in my car, though. Can't stand the smell. ;-)

achieve1dream said...

WIN for January! Let's keep that theme going through February. :)

I'm glad your wonderful husband changed your view on love. :) Gotta give props to our patient husbands.

Sally said...

I can so relate! I had a past Jerkface who ran up my credit cards and left me with the bills, then stole my social security number and I'm still fighting getting things wrote off that aren't mine!

Got rid of a major credit card that he left me with today and got them to believe that a cellphone really wasn't mine (when I sent proof for the millionth time that I never lived in Maryland) so I treated myself to a new purse from Tim's Boots.

And yes...yay for husbands who are great! I did the same thing - we've been married nearly 3 years and I kept expecting him to do something awful. Poor thing - I'm glad he didn't get tired of my paranoia and run, lol!

RiderWriter said...

I think we've ALL had the Jerkface in the past, and that they were put in our lives purely so we'd appreciate the good one who DID come along. :) Ironically, my ex-BF actually took a few riding lessons with me, but it was only because he thought fox hunting looked like a suitably snobby activity (no, he certainly did not get to ever do that, even though the trainer we had was an idiot who had him trotting x-rails at like lesson 2). I'd be surprised if he's been a horse in 20 years now. My dear husband, on the other hand, was pretty afraid of horses before we hooked up, but he's quite willing to do trail rides now. He also thinks I look cute in breeches and encourages me to ride... good things. When I finally get a horse, though, you can bet he won't contribute one cent to the upkeep! (I don't help with his fishing habit) You are LUCKY!