Friday, February 25, 2011

Goodbye Break

Sunday is the huge (HUGE) 4-H tack sale. I love it. So much stuff all over!! It's great!  Tons of things that I don't need. At least this year I decided to try to get rid of some of my stuff. Tomorrow is the day that you can drop off items for consignment so I've been going though all of Denali's things to figure out what I can sell. I can't imagine I have all this stuff for one horse! Yikes.

I wish I would have made an appointment because I have a ton of stuff and I'm afraid that it will take me all day to go through it. I made up some 3 tube tail bags to take, boots, boots, and more boots, bridles, halters, etc. It's amazing.

Ms. Slew could use a back on track blanket (so says her mom) so I want to use the money I earn (if any) from this tack sale to put towards a blanket.

I would like to say I had extra change laying around to buy it, but with impending training and the fact that some ASSHOLE decided to hit our truck tonight and leave it....

Yep, someone decided to crush our back end on the truck and kindly leave it  without telling us. I believe in Karma, so it's only a matter of time, but our deductible is $500.00, so thats awesome! (No, not really.) We went to see Gnomeo & Juliet (no, not joking) and came out to that. I feel like I'm hemorrhaging money at this point.

In other non-spending money news, ran out to see Denali today. I was so happy when I pulled in, someone changed her into her heavy blanket and she looked so snuggly and warm. She happily ate the treats I brought her and let me love on her head (she doesn't normally let me do that.) That's the one thing that makes me nervous about sending her so far away. I trust this guy, and am happy that I know people who use him, but still...I'm mom and no one treats her like mom. (Which is 1/2 my problem.)

The trainer that we were suppose to work with tomorrow called today to cancel. :( Boo. All the snow we got left her more work at her house than she can get done in a day. Worst part is that we can't meet again until the end of March, maybe April. I'm feeling hopeless at this point. I know someone who does Parelli games, so I might have her come out to teach me how to do them so I am at least doing something.

I'm such an anal human being. Today I stood there watching Denali walk around for about twenty minutes trying to determined if she was off, sore, or stiff. I think that I might start her on Adequen if I'm going to send her to training to help her out. I still need to talk to the vet. She might shoot this whole idea down and say that Denali can't stand up to training. She said she's ridable, and never mentioned any restrictions. Denali does need stretched out before she's worked. She does better if she is. If Denali can't be trained, I won't be able to ride her, at least not at the riding stage I'm at.  She'll become a hay burner, which is fine for me too. I have her. I still feel like I won the lottery.

Tomorrow is another EFL session, I'm excited for that. It will be the first thing that I've done this whole week. Monday brings another 7 weeks of dealing with work. Also, to give you an idea of the school district that I work for read this. How awesome! (Sarcasm)


SprinklerBandit said...

I saw an ad for the sale on craigslist and I so wanted to go... sigh. Another time, I guess.

You've had enough crap happen in the past year. Karma owes you.

achieve1dream said...

That really sucks about the truck . . . do they have cameras? I don't think theaters do, but it's worth checking in to. I hate people sometimes.

I hope you have fun at the tack sale and make lot's of money to spoil D with and to help pay for her training. Let us know what the vet says about the Adequan and training.

Have fun with your EFL session and good luck at work.

in2paints said...

I have a ton of things I need to get rid of too!! We have a tack sale like that in April (that I just found) so hopefully I can get rid of my stuff and pay off my new saddle. :)

Good luck selling your stuff and making lots of money!!

Leah Fry said...

Wish you were closer. I'd lend you the 7 games DVD.