Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Yesterday I had a lesson at the Giant Warmblood Barn. I love it there. I love the trainer. She explains things in a way that I get it and she helps me to not over think things too much. I rode one of the new lesson horses. She's an ex-cutting horse turn Dressage diva. She's a doll. Her spooks made me laugh, but it was a good lesson and a good ride. We're trying to formulate a schedule so I can get out and ride a few more times than what I've been doing (aka, I've ridden twice in 6 months.)

Towards the end of the lesson she asked me about Denali and how she was doing. I told her of the bucking incident and she talked about her concerns. Yes, yes, yes. Everyone is concerned

That's when she told me about this man. Apparently he's who re-started her Zweibrucker gelding. She got the gelding for meat price from someone who was terrified of him and abandoned him at a barn. He was out of control and rearing, striking out, bucking, and just a nut. You'd never ever know it now. This man is who starts all her young horses, and a lot of the young horses at the barn. Everyone I asked just raved about him. He sounds like he can do what I want done when Denali get to the part where she needs riding training (because we all know I can't do that.) Miles. He rides them all over, through the cows, through the river, though the hills. As the trainer at the giant warmblood barn said, the horses just come back with their head screwed on straight. It's exactly what I want. I want her to see the world and have all the holes in her training filled in.

I really respect the Giant Warmblood Trainer and I know how picky she is about her horses.  Best part is that the price is reasonable. I can send her to a really good trainer for the price I'd pay for an "ok" trainer around here.

Negative? Not so much close to Seattle. Not so much close at all. I am not going to mention his name or the place she's going....yet.  Positive is that she would be 20 miles from a friend of mine who said she'd happily check in on her a few times a month. It's also cheap for me to go see her.

Now what? Well, one thing is Ms. Denali isn't going anywhere until I'm sure that she's going to be able to hold up to being ridden. That and I want to do groundwork with her myself (with the help of Trainer A) before she goes. One thing is that the barn (which is 80 acres) has a therapy pool IF she does get hurt. In April it will be one year since she tore her suspensory, so I want to wait for that anniversary to pass and then give her a few more months of running around in a dry pasture. (Damn rain.)

Not to leave you in the dark, but I don't want to count chickens before they're hatched. I am excited. He is exactly what I want for a trainer as he has experience with TB's. I know multiple horses who have come back from him (all happy and sane.)

Back to yesterday.

After finishing my lesson I helped one of the boarders with her new horse. He is 4, and AMAZING. He is by Rubi, some famous Lusitano and is the only one of his offspring in the United States. He just got here Saturday from Portugal. She wasn't sure what he was use to, so I offered to hold him while she played around with grooming him. I wore my helmet :-) which I know looked ridiculous. I wasn't sure what a 4 year old Lusitano who has never heard English would do. He was a good boy and super sweet. He's going to visit this trainer in April, so at least I can see a before and after.


SprinklerBandit said...

What an excellent idea about the trainer! I know a guy who does that. Loves young horses, really quiet with them, and they just do it all. So glad you found someone--especially someone affordable. Win!

Denali's Mom said...

Yeah, it's exactly what he does. He starts young horses and works with problem horses so it's a perfect combo. He's a cowboy, but kind and gentle. Exactly what she needs. I'm really excited!!

Barbara said...

Sounds like a trainer I found here for a friend. He is a cowboy, not a NH dweeb, no round pen, no gimmicks or gadgets, western saddle, simple bridle, get on and ride. He says that most horses that misbehave are either spoiled or frightened and what they need is consistent handling, nothing to be afraid of and just get ridden and have a job. Several H/J trainers have sent horses to him and he does a great job, there is no drama, just work - everyday. I hope your trainer is as good, it will make miracles happen.

Denali's Mom said...

That's exactly what this guy sounds like and it is EXACTLY what I have been wanting! Although I may need to fly down to see her the first time she meets a cow, I don't know if that is something I can miss out on!

Amy said...

I am so happy for you and D! It sounds like a wonderful situation!

in2paints said...

Sounds promising!! I can't wait to hear more details and hope it works out just the way you and Denali want! :)

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

Wow! Sounds like you trust your trainer's opinion...I would..and that long distance trainer sounds awesome for when you and Denali are ready. Always great to have a plan to turn to.

achieve1dream said...

*dies* No pictures of the Lusitano? *sniffle*

I think the trainer sounds amazing. Just what you need. How long would she be gone? I don't know if I could handle being away from Chrome. I guess it would be different if I boarded. That's great too that the Lusitano is going so you'll be able to see a before and after. I hope it all works out and she gets to go. :)

I'm glad things are going so well. :)

rosewolfkin said...

Wow, that trainer sounds awesome! I hope that works out.