Friday, July 22, 2011


So can I say that it was REALLY hard to pick a name out of a hat (or lunchbox in this case.) I love you all so much, and even though it was a random pick it sort of makes me sad that I could only give away one. :( I might need to start doing random blog give-aways. I make tail bags, I can do that right?

I made a video to prove that I did it fair. I thought about having Denali pick, but then realized that she'd just stomp them into the ground and run away. No help what-so-ever. Anyway..... without further ado the winner...SprinkerBandit! Congratulations! E-mail me at with your color choice. (Red, Black, Green, or Blue)

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achieve1dream said...

Congrats SprinklerBandit!!!