Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I am going home tomorrow for two weeks, which meant that today is the last I get to see Princess. That always makes me sad. I can call and talk to my husband, but I can't talk to Denali. She's ha a bit of a crazy week, and I wish I could be there to check on her. Two of the horses have gone to a foster home, one horse has gone to training (Denali's best friend. :( I'm sad for both of them.) A new gelding has joined the herd. Currently there are now two geldings and two mares. Denali tried to be boss. Fail. Poor thing, I hate herd changes, everything goes haywire for a bit.

The center just hired a new caretaker and I really like her. She was really good with the horses I saw her work. I asked her to video Denali so I could watch (and re-watch, and re-watch, and re-watch, etc.) to look at her lameness. Sigh. I didn't need a video. She's so lame. SO, SO lame.

Here is the video but please remember a few things.
1. I am not asking Denali to do anything but move forward. Nothing special, so criticizing my "techniques" will make no sense since I was in deep despair watching my horse limp around the round pen. I didn't care where she went other than forward.
2. Not everyone can be as hot as I am in my shorts and new (read: amazing) boots. Safety first.
3. I'm fat, I know.
4. I love this mare so flipping much.

I made Denali a dinner of her grass pellets, beet pulp, with a topping of Bute. I hope that helps her. She doesn't seem in pain, and seems super happy. That's all that matters right? That's what I keep telling myself. As long as she's happy.

I can't say enough of what this place, this center, has done for Denali. She is a different horse, a calm, sweet, loving horse. After her pathetic attempt at trotting she went back out to the pasture. There is a new horse there for medical treatment, and he is in LOVE with her. As soon as he sees her he drops. Sigh. It's a good thing they are not together. Gelding or not, Denali doesn't care.

It was actually warm today, close to 80 (Yes, I realize that everyone else has a heat wave right now.) While I was topping off the water, Denali stuck her head into the water. I soaked her while she stood there. She'd wander off, roll a few times and then come back and stand by the gate. I'd give her treat, scratches, etc, but nope, not what she wanted. So more water and I had a happy girl.

Thanks to everyone who entered into the blog give-away! Remember, it's easy become a "Fan of Denali" (aka, follower) and tell me (in yesterday's post) why you started following my blog.  I will only collect names from that post. I will do the drawing July 21st (or 22nd at the latest.)


Kelly said...

Breaks your heart when they are lame, doesn't it? Hoping for a speedy recovery to Denali!

SprinklerBandit said...

Aw. I love that she comes right up to you at the end. So sweet.

Amber said...

Oh you are not fat. I sure hope things keep going well for you, so she can continue to recover. Love your little story of the herd changes :), oh poor Denali.

achieve1dream said...

Yay someone else who wears boots and shorts! I'm not alone lol. And you are not fat silly. :)

It took me a minute to see the lameness. Is it one or both of the rear legs? Does the vet know what it's from? Poor D. At least she is happy. There are plenty of lame horses who can happily live in the pasture. They are tough and strong. She'll be okay. You'll figure it out eventually. :)

Sorry it's getting hot there too. It was 103 here yesterday so I totally understand. Do you have bad humidity too? That's the worst part to me. Standing outside it literally feels like you're suffocating. Miserable. However I'll take it over ice, cold and snow lol. :D I hope it cools off for you soon. I wish I could have seen D playing in the water. So cute. My new horse has finally taught Chrome to get in the pond to cool off. Now he's muddy everyday lol. I don't mind though.

Once Upon an Equine said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog.

I just read your pages about Denali, and about you, and about the the life and times of Denali. Wow! What a story. Looking forward to reading more and becoming a fan of Denali. She is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Hope your horse get's better soon!! =)