Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Life Updated.

Where did I leave off? I feel like it's been forever since I actually wrote a blog post. It seems like forever since I have actually had time to sit down and read blogs. Boo real life. So, in no particular order here is a run down of our life.

 The lump on Denali's left hind is looking a HELL of a lot better. We did shockwave, but that was about it. You can still see it, but it's not as bad. I can't find a good comparison picture. (Yes, she's a dirty mess.)
 Denali has a new boyfriend. They have been going out for a few weeks now. He is a grey Thoroughbred and is also seven. Two horses left the herd, so guess who is in charge? Gulp. She is a gracious leader and I am proud of her.
 The rock show went well. We didn't have as many people show up as I was expecting, but it was 75 degrees out and not raining so I'm sure they were out enjoying the weather! I am having another event this weekend to pick up manure. Now if only a stall fork fairy would donate some stall forks. Sigh...

Denali wanted me to tell you all hi! On Saturday she got a chance to FINALLY go into the flat, really nice pasture (the one that non-residents use) and boy did they have FUN!! The four of them ran, and ran, and ran, and ran. She didn't look much worse for wear, but I think I'm going to start her on Adequan. It will help her neck, so not a waste, and if it helps that hind then all the better!

I'm missing a lot, but my husband had a plate taken out of his leg so I'm no all there!

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achieve1dream said...

Ouch for your husband. I hope he's doing okay.

D's boyfriend is cute. :) I'm glad they got to run and play.

Congrats on the rock show. If I lived around there I definitely would have been there.

gentle giants said...

Do you know what the bump was? We recently got in a bunch of Arabian mares from that big impound in MD, and one of them has a knot in exactly the same place as Denali, maybe the size of a large marble. The vet isn't concerned about it and thinks it's from an old injury. We can't do anything about it until we're granted custody, but it is rather unsightly, and may affect people's decision to adopt her.

PS- Would you mind if we put Trooper's Tail on another horse? Trooper is in turnout with a crowd that will chew it out, and one of the mares who just got eye surgery could really use it, as she's not a fan of fly spray!

Kate said...

It looks like the grey gelding is laughing all the way to the altar! Two mares, whoo hoo!!

Once Upon an Equine said...

Denali's boyfriend looks like a fun fellow. That is nice that Denali is a gentle leader. That is how Misty is.

Great website. I like your pattern and color choices. And the Trooper Tail bag is a great idea. Misty has a full tail, but I see so many drafts that don't. I'm sure they would like one.

Your rock show was a fun idea.

Hope your husband is doing well.

Leah Fry said...

Isn't having the plate taken out of his leg a good thing?

Glad Ms. D is having fun with her new BF.