Monday, July 18, 2011

Pennsylvania Wrap-up

I am still in PA with my family with limited drama. I am hoping that I can make it out of here with only one knock out, drag out fight with my mom. My mom is frustrated with my brother and that makes me the favorite, for now. He is the Golden Child and will be again I'm sure. :) Have to love family.

I talked to animal control a few times this week. I left her a voicemail (they give out their personal cell phone number here! I was shocked!) and she called me back the next day. I was happy to hear that she owns horses herself. Not many people do in this area, and as you know they are not as easy as throwing a flake of hay at them twice a day. I took my camera out to take pictures of the horses, but they had moved all 12, yes 12 horses on two acres, behind their house so I couldn't get any good pictures. The AC officer was really nice and told me she had been out there before. We had a nice conversation and she said she was going to go back out once her head is feeling better (she took a tumble off her horse.) She told me they are not mean people, just not smart. Hopefully the horses start looking better soon.

Rumor has it that Denali is doing fine. My sweet husband drove out to see her on Friday. He said she's still lame, but was happy. I will probably make an appointment with the vet if this keeps up. I think it's a joint she hasn't injured yet. At least that list is dwindling down since everything is injured!

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods. Don't forget to enter my blog give-away. I will draw a name Thursday or Friday.


Snowhawk Przhevalsky said...

You're about to wrap your trip up, an I just got moved back to PA.

Here's looking forward to new updates on Denali. :3

Leah Fry said...

Where at in PA?

achieve1dream said...

I'm glad things are going relatively (lol!) smoothly. ;)

Sounds like the AC officer is a nice woman. I'm glad she's aware of the situation. :)