Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Dear Vera,

Dear Vera,

Today was not my day. I tried to keep myself busy so I couldn't have to think about tomorrow. When I think, I worry way too much and make myself sick. We had a lesson scheduled. I wanted to cancel it. I thought about cancelling it. I didn't cancel it.

When I showed up at the barn, you were eating dinner. I was a nervous wreck and after our less than stellar ride the last time, I made myself feel sick. I tried to be positive, and tacked you up. When I put on our saddle that my friend let me borrow, you pinned your ears and stomped your foot. I got nervous. I checked the saddle, moved it back, and you were still pissy.

On our way down to the arena I somehow psyched myself out. I got really sad about Denali, and teared up a bit. I wanted to turn around, put you away, and never come back. I wanted to be done with horses. Somehow I ended up in the arena.

As we were standing there you were being pissy still. As brave as I was trying to be, I just couldn't get over my fears and worries and I teared up again. You looked at me, with what I swear was a surprised look. Then you stopped, and stood, and was an angel.

Our trainer looked at us, and told me to get on. I took a big gulp and off we went. You were straight, you were collected, you were amazing. I was so proud of how much you've learned this week from whoever else has been riding you, but then I found out, I was the last person to ride you. I was so proud of you, and our trainer was proud of both of us. Walk/Trot/Canter, you didn't take a wrong step, beside a few Llama head/Donkey neck moments, it was a great lesson and ride. Keep this up and we are going to a show in June.

Vera, thank you for being such a good girl today, I needed that. You've renewed my faith in horses.



appydoesdressage said...

Sometimes they just know, I have witnessed it myself with my horse. Congrats on your great ride and your new confidence in the horses!

Lisa said...

That is just awesome. :)

Lara said...

I've been quietly following for a while now...horses are obviously part of your heart. I know that letting go and moving on is hard, but you are doing so bravely. My trainer says "Sometimes we carry them, sometimes they carry us."

SprinklerBandit said...

Aww. <3 Vera. Denali is in good hands.

achieve1dream said...

Aww this made me tear up. Thank you Vera for taking care of our friend when she needed the support. :D