Saturday, May 12, 2012

Update 3, and I love my barn!

Got another call about Denali. She's doing good. She's out on 20 acres, and is best friends with the horse she hauled over with. He said they walked off the trailer together and haven't left each others side yet. He said he'd try to get me some photos.

I've only burst into tears four times since Thursday. Not bad, not bad...I miss her, but it's hard to feel horribly sad when it sounds like all is going well and they really like her. I am starting to plan a trip at the end of June to go visit her. I can't wait! It's hard to "let go" of something you poured so much blood (literally) sweat (literally) and tears (literally) into. I also want to see her and make sure she's okay.

This AM I went out to the barn to take care of horses. The other trainer (aka. my friend) had a lesson cancel, and since I had time I asked if she'd "supervise" us. I've never taken one from her. The head trainer has always had me taken them from her, even though my friend does most of the "new to dressage lessons."

Seriously, it was an AMAZING lesson. Vera and I are really starting to "click" and boy did we have fun. I forgot how much fun riding a horse can be. I still get worried, but I do "ok" once I'm on the horse and moving. I only had to be reminded about a million times to breath.

After the lesson I talked to (Let's call her Trainer 2) about more lessons. I mentioned something about Trainer 1 putting up with me for so long, even though she doesn't teach beginners. Trainer 2 sort of smiled and then said that Trainer 1 wouldn't let her teach me. Trainer 1 knew my fear of horses and she wanted to teach me so that I wouldn't get scared away, and she didn't want Trainer 2 to push me too hard too fast. I'm pretty touched that she has spent so much time with me, just to help me gain confidence. And she goes even higher into my book of amazing people. My barn is AMAZING!!

NOW for some Vera photos.

"Hey Lady, Youz gots snackz? I haz grass but want snackz."

Vera sporting Denali's halter. It makes me happy that I can use it.

So we're both a 'little' out of shape. She is SOO long!


SprinklerBandit said...

Awesome! :-) You're happier, Denali's happier. Let it sink in for a while and then realize where you are. It only gets better from here.

^These words spoken by someone who knows -exactly- where you're coming from.

Kate said...

I am so happy that you are happy and Denali is happy! That's a whoooole lotta happiness lol!

mustangcheyenne said...

So happy everything is falling into place. And I'm so glad you love your barn & have such a great trainer. I can't tell you what a huge difference that has made in my motivation to ride. I went from riding maybe once a week to riding almost daily & buying a second horse because of good instruction & a barn I enjoyed spending time at. I also LOVE riding my trainer's horses because they are such great confidence boosters, sounds like Miss Vera is being just that for you. Seriously, I am so happy for you. I know your heart will still ache missing Denali but for now she is in the best place she can be. <3

Anonymous said...

Love the dapples on Vera-glad you guys found one another at such a great barn!

achieve1dream said...

Awww Vera is so cute. And she looks good in Denali's halter. :D

I'm glad D is doing so well. Having a new best horsie friend makes the adjustment all the easier for her.