Monday, May 14, 2012


I don't know who my guardian angel is, but THANK YOU! (They read the Internet right?) I have been so lucky lately, and I don't know how I went from "If it can go wrong, it will" to being so lucky and fortunate. So much good has come into my life lately, and I just can't get over it. I am so grateful.

In another turn of not-so-unfortunate-events, I may have hit the saddle jackpot. No joke. When I started leasing Vera, I fell in love with the saddle that I was riding her in. Sadly, it was not her saddle, and I could no longer use it. I have been borrowing my friend's saddle for now, but when you have femurs the length of a 4 year old, it is hard to fit into their saddles without my knees pointing out over the blocks. It's awkward.

In discussing my need for a saddle, my trainer said I should contact the rep that she uses. I had been talking to the rep. (to appease my trainer) via e-mail about how I need a saddle, can't afford a saddle, and if I could afford a saddle, it would not be a Custom Saddle. They cost more money than I make in a month. She had given me a few options with price tags, while less than brand new, was still more money than I want to spend on a saddle, especially when I don't own a horse. She is super nice and has been helping me try to find something in my price range (which isn't very large.)

Yesterday while I was doing barn chores the rep came to the barn. We've met a few times, and I moved her horse in when she came for training. I waved and kept going about my business. In one of our last e-mails she asked if I had irons and leathers, and told me to bring them. While doing grain I noticed her pulling out a saddle from her car.

Enter the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my entire life.

She showed it to me and told me to try it. I was terrified to touch it, let alone try the saddle out. It's a BRAND NEW Custom Coronado Signature. It has silver threading, and is just beautiful. I told her that while, the saddle is perfect, and I loved it I should probably not try something out that I can not afford. Sort of the same thought as wedding dress shopping, don't try anything on that you're not willing to spend the money on.

I tried to give her reasons to not try it. I explained that it was stupid to buy a saddle when I don't own a horse. No luck there, the saddle is fully adjustable, and she can adjust it. I decided to just lay it out, and explained that I would be WAY out of my price range...WAY. She sort of smiled and handed me a paper to sign. The paper was the trial form, and on it was written the price. I asked her if that was the price to just try the saddle, and she said, "No, that's the price of the saddle." I sort of stared at her, and tried to not cry. I questioned her as to how the saddle could SUBSTANTIALLY LESS  than it is suppose to cost (as in my price range less.) She smiled, and told me to just try it. (Note to self: Continue being super nice to her horse.)

So I spent the next 30 minutes just staring at this saddle. About this time my friends came back from the horse show and I showed them the saddle. I told them I sort of feel like I'm buying point shoes while I'm just starting ballet. They had valid opinions why I should just try the saddle. They somehow magically think we'll be ready to show by the end of the summer. I laughed at them. I'm difficult to fit. True, the saddle is 18 inches with a long flap.

Thursday I have a lesson with my friend again so I can try out the saddle. No point in getting totally excited about it if it won't work. After writing all of this it may not work out, but that's okay. It's pretty enough that I ALMOST wouldn't mind it just sitting in my house. So, thank you saddle guardian angel. I guess if it's suppose to work out it will work out!

In other news, I've been trying to figure out what to do with this I just keep going, do I start a new one... I think I'm going to just keep going. I'm too lazy to make (and keep up) another blog, and who knows. I might have a trailer pull up next week with a TB inside of it. I did learn that "Green + Green = Black + Blue" but I don't really want to change my title. I guess I should take off that part that says, "The story of an OTTB and her mom." Maybe I should write, "A tragic love story." At least it has a happy(ish) ending. Thoughts?

I took out her brushes to the barn yesterday and cleaned them. I only broke into tears once yesterday. Pretty good if I think so. I miss her, but know that I made a good decision. I think.


cfa said...

I don't know if I've ever posted before but have been reading your blog for a while. Yay for nice people and beautiful saddles! You definitely have to continue writing so we can hear how Denali is doing and how things are going with Vera who by the way is so stinkin CUTE! :)

WishIHadAHorsey said...

I like the new look!

I would leave the name as it is right now. She is an OTTB and you will always be her mom. You can add a new tab for when the new horse (cough, cough, Vera) is more permanent and that way you have all your kiddos close together.

Plus, they all can be Wild Pony Beasts at one time or another!

SprinklerBandit said...

Your blog is more than just D's story. It's your voice as an author and where you're at. I vote keep the blog and update the sub head when you strike upon something that makes sense.

:-) Your saddle news makes me smile. It's almost like karmic catch-up. When you let go of something, other good things start filling your life.

Kate said...

Saddle shopping is NOT supposed to be that easy so someone must have been looking out for you! I hope you ride in it and love it to pieces.

mustangcheyenne said...
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mustangcheyenne said...

Sometimes good things happen to good people too, instead of just bad things happening to good people. ;)

achieve1dream said...

Everyone else said what I was going to say so I'll just say CONGRATS on the saddle. I hope it passes the test ride. :D