Sunday, May 20, 2012

Saddle Hunt Continues

I had a lesson on Thursday with Ms. Vera. The more I ride this horse, the more I love her. She pulls just enough shit that I need to say on top of my game, but I never feel unsafe. Boy, do I love her! We used the saddle that we had on trial for our lesson. I was so so excited, but unfortunately it didn't fit me. (Insert Sad Face.) My femur is so long that I put myself into a chair position in order to get it behind the blocks. Which means that I go back to the drawing board.


I need a saddle that is adjustable. Either by me (easy) or by a saddle fitter. It needs to be at least 18 inch seat, and long flaps. The saddle I tried was 18 inch seat, but I think it would have fit if it didn't have as massive blocks. Price depends on the saddle.

Do you have suggestions?  I've been looking, and I find some that I think would work, but without a trial, I'm not willing to go there. There is a local saddle fitter I am working with, but I am also searching on my own.

Denali's new owner called me. (Even though he still calls her "your girl.") She's doing really well. She's out running with his horses, and he hasn't seen her take a wrong step yet. I'm so happy! He said that his horses had to have a "discussion" with her as to who is in charge, but it went well and she quickly caught on.  He invited us out this summer to watch his son in the rodeo. I hope it coincides with a time we can go.


K.K. said...

I don't know if the flaps will be long enough, but have you tried a Bates or a Wintec saddle? I'm sure they aren't long enough, but they have adjustable blocks, and of course adjustable gullets to fit a wide range of horses. Some people are anti Wintecs, but I love mine, as does my ever shape changing TB.
But that's just my two sense, I don't really know much about saddle fitting...

SprinklerBandit said...

I'm anti wintec... They are bouncy, and I don't need any help looking like I can't sit a trot. (I can't.)

Best of luck on the saddle hunt! I have a long femur, but in proportion to my ridiculously short legs, I think I fit into normal sized things.

achieve1dream said...

On the saddle issue (I'm 5'11") would a 19 inch seat maybe help with the leg length problem? I'm not sure, just making a wild suggestion lol. I hope you can find something soon. :D

I'm so glad D is happy!! I can't wait to read about your visit.