Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Thursday Lesson

I was in such a fluster over my lack of saddle that I forgot to really mention my lesson on Thursday. I think it's probably important (for me, not really anyone else) to keep track of good things, especially since I like to focus on the negative all the time.

Our lesson was with the other trainer again. I really like her as a person, but LOVE her as a trainer. She's actually gearing up to try out for the Paralympics this summer in London. Trials are in Gladstone this June. If you'd like to make a donation to one of the people who help me stay sane you can do that here. If you ever wanted to jump on someone's band wagon, now is the time! She leaves next Friday. Even if you just share her story on FB, that's helping. I'm still selling bracelets to help raise money.

Back to the point of this post...LESSON. Ms. Vera was a saint. She was so good while I put pads and such on her back trying to figure out the right combination of stuff to make the saddle fit her for our lesson. I thinks she fell asleep while I got on her. I was so excited about the saddle that I didn't even thing about being nervous. Winning. I plopped (not in a good way) down in the saddle and instantly knew that it didn't fit me. Boo. We got work right away and attempted to walk on a straight line with our head NOT in the air. Success. She still likes to play torpedo on the straightaway (go as fast as she can on straight lines.) After about 5 laps she figured out that wasn't going to work. At one point I dropped my reins and was controlling her with just my seat. That's a new feeling for me. Denali never grasped that concept and Mr. never went fast enough to have to slow him down. It was so fun. I (for the first time in maybe forever) felt like the horse was listening to me and that I could tell she was listening to me.

After warming up we did more serpentines and figure-eights at the trot. She went low and on the bit almost the whole time. No llama necking for us. At one point I noticed another rider in the arena and thought, "hu, they look really good together." Then I realized three things in quick succession. A. I'm an Idiot. B. It was me in the mirrors C. She makes me look little! My arms weren't doing their normal bounce all over the place and Vera looked good. God, I love this mare!

We did some canter transitions and aside from trying to dive down and touch her feet, Vera was a peach. The trainer told me that I did the nicest transition to canter that she's seen anyone do on Vera. I told her it's because we love each other. :0) I spent Friday trying to figure out how I can buy Vera. Then I realized that's the riding endorphins speaking, and I "shouldn't" jump back into buying a horse. I'm committed to Denali, and I'm afraid that the moment I sign those papers Denali will need a home. Vera is much easier to rehome than Denali. Maybe in a few months. I have moments of panic because Vera IS for sale. I really like her a lot, but I have only ridden a few horses. I think of it like dating, I don't want to jump back into a relationship without testing the waters a bit more. However, if anyone had an extra $6,000 laying around ..... I think if I had the money I would buy Vera in a heartbeat, but then again everything happens for a reason. If I'm meant to have Vera, it will figure itself out. Right! Right?


Lara said...

I know exactly what you mean about not wanting to jump in. I am in the process of shopping for a younger riding horse as I have two 23 year olds, one of whom is already retired from riding (for compatibility issues, nothing health or soundness wise). I fell quite in love with the first horse I tried but she's a bit older than I'd like and I don't want to buy one with no sense of comparison. Still it is so alluring to feel at ease in the saddle as I did on this mare. You are right that it is all about timing...things will happen as they should. Two years ago I had no horses and (brought about by tragedy but the horses have been essential to my healing) now I could soon have three.

WishIHadAHorsey said...

Sounds like a wonderful lesson! I was cracking up when you realized it was YOU in the mirror.

achieve1dream said...

Sounds like a wonderful lesson!! I'm so happy you found Vera and that you're enjoying your lessons. :D