Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I did something that I said I would NEVER DO!! I am actually still feeling a little ill from doing it... I added up every penny that I've spend on Denali in one year. ONE YEAR! I could have a very nice little down payment on a very cute car. I wouldn't change that for the world. This isn't even including blanket cleaning OR training!! I just thought of that!

12,453.73 + 350.00(4) = I don't want to know

I don't want to know + 89.00 in blanket cleanings = I think I'm going to be sick

I think I'm going to be sick+ $350.00 Insurance = I'm going to throw up

The amount of Joy she gives me? Priceless... Seriously I am sitting here thinking of all these incidentals that I forgot! Yikes.

You're probably wondering, "Why in the hell would you add up those numbers?" Well let me explain. I teach kids with SEVERE behavior disabilities. Yesterday one of my kids (who was naked at the time) WRAPPED himself around my leg. I wanted to get him off without touching him (and giving him the attention he was seeking) I lifted my leg off the ground and held it there until he got tired. It worked!! He let go of my leg. My knee? Doesn't work so much anymore. It was okay for a few hours and after work it totally crapped out on me. I've been resting it since yesterday and taking lots of pain killers. Fun times for me. I am going for an x ray in the morning. (Although I know it's not bone) I've been sitting on the couch since walking isn't so comfortable and going out and handing the pony beast? NOT EVEN possible. :(

Tomorrow night is suppose to be the lessors first lesson. I hope she can make it, she was sick on Monday. She sounds like a really good match for Denali who DEFINITELY needs ridden. She's so bored right now. I feel bad. I like having her where she's at because she's so well taken care of, but it is 20 miles through Seattle traffic. Sometimes it takes over an hour just to get there. Plus I can't handle the cold. Maybe someone needs to ship Denali and I to the South for the winter. 1st we need to win the Lotto.

Speaking of Lotto I bought a ticket yesterday. If I don't write for a few weeks just picture Denali and I sitting in Arizona drinking Mai Tai's. :)

Humorous Side Note: If you go the the Bad Way To Sell Your Horse link, the featured "bad seller" is the boarding barn that Denali was at before her new home. (Dec. 8 feature)


SprinklerBandit said...

Yep, that is a large amount. I am studiously not adding up how much I spent, because then I would tell my husband and he would flip.

My total would be less because I work off most of my board and lessons, but then I had to buy tack and stuff this year. Hm... yeah. Worth every penny.

Have you calculated the total as a percentage of your total income? That's a scary figure, too.

Now That's A Trot! said...

When I was in 4-H we had to do a record book for each "project" animal, and in addition to things like "what I do for my pony every day/week/month" and participation in shows and club activities, we had to keep track of all our expenses -- and rarely, income -- related to our project. It was supposed to teach us about responsibility and such, but I know that most kids just handed the books to their parents, who wrote down board and a few outstanding things.

I was 17 when I got my horse and working off every single penny by myself (by finishing high school and working 20-30 hours a week), and having the record book to look back on made me even more proud that I did it. When I say I kept track of EVERYTHING, I mean it -- from board to vet bills to horse treats, and even the hitch I had to buy and install on my car to trailer myself to shows.

Of course then I aged out of 4-H after the next year so I haven't been keeping track...

I'll have to dig out one of those old books and see exactly what the numbers add up to. I think the first year was just over $13,000, which is scary because I know my board was VERY cheap back then!

Rachel said...

Line Item: Insurance- $350...
Is this like Equine Major medical??
I have been cinsidering this investment as the fear of my baby getting hurt and me being rendered helpless (financially) scares the daylights out of me! Perhaps a blog post about it??!

Thanks and good luck with the $$, its worth it... but its so depressing!

Very cute blog by the way... I am a first time reader.

Denali said...

Welcome Rachel! I got my insurance through a broker in Gig Harbor Washington. BUT the company covers it all over the US. My insurance covers death, colic surgery, and surgical up to 5,000 along with a 25,000 liability (if you've read my blog you'll understand why I covered Denali for this)

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

LOL..it is sad when you look at it black and white, isn't it. Well, IF this makes you feel better..I've spent close to 6K for my boy in the past 2-1/2 months on his vet bills trying to save him from laminitis. So far, it's been worth the money b/c he is still around!! Sigh...I'm broke! :)