Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Now for the story!

Monday (which is ALWAYS HECTIC in a BD room) my little guy was totally out of control to say the least. We all felt bad because we knew he was already in a horrible foster home and was probably really worried about going to another foster home. His bus was late because he tired to jump out of the back door so they had to wait for intervention to come ride with him. The entire day was concentrated on him. My poor other kiddos got neglected since at least two of us had to be with the little guy to keep him safe. It was very tiring.

Around 1:30 I got a phone call from the office that CPS was on their way and needed to talk to the little guy (I can't even think of a fake name for him.) I was confused, since I know a report was made a week ago, why they were coming that day.

The lady showed up and our conversation went like this.

"I'm here to see Gary" (fake name, see I can make one up!)
"Okay, I'll go get him, but it might be a minute. Last time I checked he was naked."

(5 minutes later after wrestling clothes back on him I walked him to the office.)

"Thanks. I need you to leave us alone so I can talk to him."
"I can't do that"
(At this point she got angry with me)
"I'm sorry, but I really need to talk to him alone and you'll just have to understand."
"Okay, but remember that was your choice."

(Office door closes)

( 0.3 seconds later)

(Office door opens)

"You can come in with us." (No shit! You think I want to be in there for fun!? "Gary" was unmedicated and totally out of control.)

During the conversation I found out that something really bad had happened to him in the morning. CPS decided that he couldn't go back to the house and the social worker would need to find him a place to stay for the night. I explained my concern over Gary going with people who didn't know what to expect. Yes, he's only 7, but he's very difficult to understand if you don't understand his background. He's very wild, and always in survival mode.

I walked back to my room and between the office and the classroom (20 feet) the Social worker had called me twice. She asked me if I was serious about taking him. I said, "Yes" because I didn't want him traumatized with yet something else added to his baggage. I needed to call my husband to get his SS number. He answered the phone and as I was talking to him I opened my outside door to see him standing there. He knew I'd be upset about Gary leaving, so he came to say goodbye too and to just hang out with my kids (I LOVE MY HUSBAND!) Long story short we became his guardians.

Last night was really challenging. I think he had a great night. It broke my heart when he started to make up his own bed on the couch. I know it's great when a 7 year old knows how to do things, but the fact that he was doing this because he's never had anyone to really take care of him is just so sad.

We watched Coraline and had dinner. My husband got him to eat all his veggies (something I've never been able to do.) He went "manic" twice during the night. I don't know how to explain that other than imagine Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. He'd go from totally sweet to trying to figure out how to kill us. The episodes lasted for 20 minutes and the other one was almost an hour. Gary finally fell asleep at 10:30 (we tried to get him asleep at 8!) He's on meds to help him sleep and we didn't have those either.

I think I slept an hour and a half. I kept imagining waking up with him standing over us with a knife. Sadly, he would do this if given the devices. It's really sad. I was really worried about the morning because it was my responsibility to take him to his day care to await his new family. Something he didn't want to do. However, in the morning he was back to being at total love bug. I got him there all on my own. He didn't even try to escape.

He is going to a Therapeutic Foster home. I hope they give him the chance he deserves. I hope they are really trained to take care of him the way he needs to be taken care of. I hope he has a wonderful Christmas. My husband and I are still in the process of finishing our paperwork. We'd like to be a respit home for him so we can still see him.

That's his short story. I have a million more. I should write a book.

As for my horse (that's why I have this blog right?) She's doing well. I took her bell boots off of her outside. She's to lazy to run hard enough to tear a shoe off outside. Sunday my hubby and I went out to see her (the fourth time he's seen her since May.) We walked into her paddock and she came nickering up to me. THEN she saw him, and she took off running to him. DENALI IS OBSESSED with my husband. She always has been since she first met him. I have no idea how she remembers him, or why she loves him so much ( I know why I do!) but she does.

Tomorrow the lessor is coming back out to ride her. I had my MRI this morning and have another appointment tomorrow. I'm walking better, but it still hurts. I am just hoping that it's fine.

Okay, I've had 3 hours sleep in 24. I'm off to bed!! Thanks for everyones comments! I'll let you know how Gary's doing as soon as I hear!!


SprinklerBandit said...

I'm just catching up on your last couple posts. You both deserve nobel prizes for helping that poor boy. Someone was choking him and the foster mom walked away? Seriously?? I cannot believe people. I don't care whose kid it is, if someone is choking them, make them stop. Choking is not ok.

I hope all goes well for Gary, and I'm glad he has someone like you to look after him.

joanna said...

It makes you kinda wonder what he would he would be like if he had been born into a stable, loving home. Probably not nearly so bad?