Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Bad News on "Lil Gary"

I got a message on my phone today about "Little Gary." He got thrown out of his new foster home. They were asking me if I could come get him today. Unfortunately I'm on the East Coast, and honestly, I don't know if I could handle him again. I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to do my job (Somewhat good teacher, NOT GOOD PARENT.) Regardless I don't need to do any thinking since I'm not available to take him. This is going to sound horrible. He needs a residential treatment facility. He's not medicated properly, and until he is, he's going to continue to be unsafe to himself and others. He needs to be in a place where they can safely take him off all his meds, and then figure out what works for him. I am trying to talk them into putting him back into my classroom. That would require him being back in my school district. It's a huge district so I'm hoping someone in the district can take him. Poor kid, I feel awful and so does my husband, but we both know that is not something we are prepared to do full time. Go ahead tell me I'm horrible. I feel it....

Other than that I fell down the stairs today at my parents. I was walking down looking back at my mom while talking... They have a Ranch style house, and when I hit the landing I stepped on one of her monster golden retrievers. I jumped up and then went backwards down the stairs. My Golden, who's AMAZING, came running over to me as I layed at the bottom of the stairs, and licked my face then took off running to find my dad. He then came back and waited for me until my dad came. It was a true Lassie moment. What a good dog. I didn't think I hurt anything, I mean my knee is already fucked up (potty mouth, I know.) However, as the day goes on my back is turning black. Not black n' blue, but black. It hurts so freaking bad.

Okay, off to sleep and try to figure out what to do about "Gary." Think good thoughts!!


Mrs Mom said...

Honestly, it sounds like the best option is the treatment facility. Hard as all get out, but like you pointed out- until he can be leveled off and on a regime of PROPER meds, it's going to be bad no matter where he goes.

My heart goes out to him, and to you.

Dude-- the back~ AND the knee! Girl, quit already! You can't be falling apart now- you aren't old enough ;)

SprinklerBandit said...

Ugh, another crappy day. At least you have a great dog. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hang in there! Doing what is best for the boy sometimes means stepping back and letting those who can do what is needed for him. I hope you feel better (and stop falling!).