Tuesday, December 1, 2009


There is one thing when starting this blog that I don't think I've ever shared. I've owned other horses (*gasp*) I've technically owned one and leased (stuck with?) another. I actually owned Ophelia, before I gave her to a friend. I bought her for $80.00. Her "owner" (can I call her that?) was going to take her BACK TO AUCTION because she had horrible feet and wasn't cutting it as a jumper. A friend of mine wanted her (not Ophelia's present mom) but the "owner" wouldn't give her to her. She'd rather taker her back to auction. Bitch. Anyway, I called her and offered her $200.00 (what Ophie was bought for) to buy Ophie as a pasture pal for Denali. Ophie was one of the few horses that Denali liked, and I knew I would only "own" her for a short period of time. Long story short, I couldn't bear to see Ophie taken BACK to the auction. Shortly after buying her, I gave her to another friend. This is who Ophie's mom started leasing her from. When she went up for sale again, my friend had fallen in love and bought her. That's a cinderella story if I ever heard one. Ophie went from living in a dark stall without any human contact (minus the barn owner) to being an amazing little dressage horse who is so loved by her human.

Then there is Maddie. Maddie was a friends horse who lived on one of the islands around Seattle. She had her up for lease and a girl at my barn was looking for a new jumper. I agreed (don't DO THIS EVER) to pick her up and share the lease with the girl. Maddie was a huge TB with four white socks and a beautiful blaze. She was perfect! I went over on the ferry to pick her up. She loaded beautifully and I was excited to get her back to the barn. On the way to the barn I got a phone call that this other girl was thrown out for lying and that she wasn't invited back. I worked at this barn and couldn't get board cheaper anywhere else. So, through a series of events I ended up with Maddie, and Denali.

Maddie and I didn't get along. She hated Denali, and Denali didn't like her, but not with as much hatred as Maddie had for her. She beat the crap out of Denali once and the scar on her back is STILL healing (a year later.) She was a beautiful girl and had amazing bloodlines. http://www.pedigreequery.com/made+for+running

After three weeks, this girl was allowed back at the barn. It was summer and I had time for two horses, but WOW was I worn out. I signed over my half of the lease to this girl (with my friends permission) and no longer "owned" two horses.

The reason that I am writing about this now? I found out that Maddie died. She coliced really bad and died last week in her stall. The girl who owns her and I don't' talk anymore, so I don't know the details, but it makes me really sad.

So to her I say, Rest in Peace Maddie. 1997-2009

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Frizzle said...

Oh, how sad. She was a very pretty girl. and it's a shame that she died so young
Colic can be awful; but, unfortunately, it's so common that we horsepeople have to deal with it all the time.
My horse Mac died of colic last February and it was horrible. He had zero history of colic, then had an episode so severe that nothing could have possibly saved him. My only consolation was that I was with him until he took his last breath.