Sunday, December 6, 2009

Another follower?

Sorry I'm easily amused. :)

I went to the barn on Friday night. It was "one of those days." One of my students got thrown off the bus AFTER school. The bus brought him back and dropped him off. Sigh. I finally left work at 5 pm and ran home to grab Denali's medication that was delivered. I got home and my upstairs neighbor was gone. And there sat my package on their couch. Sigh. I finally was able to leave for the barn by 7, about two hours AFTER I told my trainer I'd be there.

I think I was at the barn a whole two minutes when the barn owner (different from trainer) asked me if his horse looked okay. He hadn't eaten any of is dinner. His heart rate wasn't elevated, his gums looked good, but the look in his eyes told me that he wasn't comfortable. He kept stretching his neck out and making chewing motions with his mouth, but wouldn't eat. I got his mouth open and thought he maybe broke a tooth. I massaged his neck and was talking to his owner about calling the vet when Sox layed down on the ground. He asked me what I thought he should do and I gave him my anal horse owner response, "Call the vet now!" Sox refused to get up and the vet said he was 10 minutes away. I sat on the ground with Sox waiting for the vet after several futial attempts at getting him up. It was the weirdest expereince. Luckily the vet showed up just as we got Sox to his feet. The vet quickly determined that he had a (and don't quote me) hyper active colon. He was colicing, and he didn't think he would have made it through the night. I was crazy, especially it wasn't the experience I've had with horses colicing in the past. They've always been thrashing around, trying to roll, and looking at their stomache. (This was at my first barn.) We took turns keeping an eye on Sox until 11:00pm when I finally went home. I live 20 miles away and it was late. He looked good when I left. I'm glad I'm anal.

Today I went out to the barn and lunged Denali for a little bit just in her halter. She had a bug up her ass. I can tell she isn't enjoying being ignored and I feel bad. I'm glad she doesn't try to kick up her heels outside on the icy ground, but WOW she was wild tonight. I was just trying to check to see if she was still lame, but then I had to spend half an hour lunging her because I didn't want her to think she won.

1 point Me, 0 Denali

The one thing that I've improved on is I think I can say with confidence that she doesn't scare me at all on the ground anymore. I don't think she likes that I've gotten a lot more assurtive.

Tomorrow is my birthday the big 29. I won't be back out to the barn until Tuesday. I have already announced that I am going out to work my horse. We went out last night to celebrate. Let's just say it took me a while to get up this morning. On Friday I mentioned to two of my assistants that they should come out with us. My students were SO mad at me that they weren't invited to my birthday party. At least thats the way they put it. I told them I'd buy them cupcakes and that seemed to make them less angry.


Dawn said...
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Dawn said...

Happy Birthday! You deserve a wonderful day for all the you have done for so many.

SprinklerBandit said...

Happy birthday!!

How is the lease going with Denali?

I've noticed that most horses like us to be assertive because then they understand where they fit in better.

Cazenovia said...

Happy birthday!

After reading start to finish a week ago or so, I finally realized I should add you to my list so I could stop refreshing daily and periodically forgetting links and such.. been a joy to read through the progress you've made already and I look forwards to more of it.