Thursday, December 3, 2009

Vet, Lease Update

Tuesday night was a busy time! I rushed out to the barn in time to see one of the 12 year old 4-Hr's being taken for a walk by Denali. I was running late for my vet appointment so she was trying to help by getting her ready. It was really cute.
"You know your horse is really lazy."
"Really? Why do you say that?"
"I thought she'd freak out a lot more when I got her."

I lunged Denali for the vet who told me that she had "Good News and Bad News."

Good News (and I knew this) Denali looks A LOT better now. We're going to do one more tube of the Marquis and then pray she doesn't relapse.

Bad News, she's lame on her front right. She tore off her shoe a week and a half ago and got a new shoe a week ago, so this is understandable. I'm sure she'll be fine.

The vet is going to come back out to do a sonogram on her right hind. The lump isn't getting better and the vet is afraid it's an infection. She's not off and her x-ray was clean so we'll see how this goes.

Later that night one of the people who responded to my ad came out to meet Denali. I told her all the Denali horror stories and turned Denali out in the arena to play with her treat ball while we chatted. Actually, this was the same girl that came out and tried my friends Mustang last January at the old barn (I'll call it hell from here on out.) Click on the hell link to see pictures of why we left. ANYWAY, I remembered watching her ride and being impressed. My friends Mustang is a lesson horse and he'll only really go if he is made to go. He is lazy, and she did a great job on him. I didn't make her ride Denali.

Long story short, even thought I had 6 other responses I actually talked to, I picked her right away and we'll go from here. I have some "back ups" who might do fine, but they didn't ride and I never heard of their trainers.

She's coming out on Sunday to have a lesson on Denali. I told her I'd pay part of the first four lessons (making it 25$ a lesson) because I still have a training package left with my trainer. She'd be responsible for paying the $40.00 after this.

The mean thing I did? I didn't respond to all e-mails. I hate when people do that to me, BUT I also didn't like when people don't read that ad and respond about their beginner 12 year old kid riding my horse.

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