Saturday, September 11, 2010


Well, this is post 375 which means that either A. I talk to much or B. I haven't made much progress since I feel like I am at the same place now that I was when I started this blog. I'll bet it's a little bit of both.

I woke up on the wrong side of bed this morning. My job really has me in a foul mood, and being that it's the weekend, there isn't much I can do to fix anything. Everyone thinks that my job is so difficult, but honestly, the kids are not the hardest part of my job, it's advocating for them and fighting to get them what I know is right.

When I got to the barn, I yelled hello to Ms. Slew (or City Girl as I was calling her today.) I went to get the Morgan since I forgot that I signed up to go to a horse show tomorrow. Opps. Love when I do that. I told my trainer a few weeks ago that I wanted to go, and since I committed I didn't want to back out.

While I was getting the Morgan ready, Ophelia's mom yelled at me that Denali's blanket was all messed up. Of course. Sometimes I swear that Denali tries to do things that will make me come pay attention to her. Sigh. She somehow had the blanket up over her back, all messed up. Nawlers!!

Once I got her going the Morgan was good, I haven't had time to ride her as often as I did this summer, but after a few minutes of battle of the wills she settled in nicely and I got a really nice walk, trot, canter out of her. We'll see how we do tomorrow.

I haven't ridden Denali since last Friday. I decided that I need to get some ACE from the vet that I can inject into her. I don't want to give it to her orally and have to wait for it to kick in. Anyone else have experience with ACE and rehabbing??

You should see my grass! It's looking so good! I need to take a picture. Currently I am using my old computer, it took about 45 minutes to just turn on! Eek. I need to buy a new one.

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Laura M. said...

I used Ace last year when Panache was coming back into work and turnout from that non-healing injury over her left hind cannon bone. Our strategy was to give her the Ace, let her chill for about 20 minutes, then she could be turned out with a buddy who wasn't inclined to gallop. She'd spend all day outside then I would ride. I really prefer to not ride a horse who's been Aced, unfortunately they can blow through the Ace if the stimulus is strong enough. Those blow-ups can be fairly violent too, just not worth the risk to me. Now that we're rehabbing for the suspensory I've been very happy with Panache's response to the daily oral Reserpine. She's still alert and conscious of everything around her, just mellowed. Plus the Resperine doesn't wear off the way Ace does. So far she hasn't had any meltdowns or explosions and has accepted our hand-walking/under saddle routine really well.

Good luck with finding the right chemistry for Denali!