Sunday, September 26, 2010

Girls Weekend

My pony life has been slow the past week. This week isn't looking very good either. I've had so many good rides lately that I really wish I could find more time to go ride. This past weekend was a dressage show that I really wanted to go to. A few months ago my non-horsey friends planned a girls weekend. I was excited then got really bummed when I realized that I would miss one of the last dressage shows of the season.

Oh, how to balance non-horsey friends and horsey friends. Well, I luck out right now since I don't have any friends at my barn. I like everyone there, but no one that I plan to go out with and ride with. We're getting new borders and they seem really nice, so who knows. In all actuality, I don't want to work Denali with anyone in the barn since we're still getting her to focus.

Regardless of who is at the barn, I would always rather to be there then anywhere else, so a girls weekend sounded like not so much fun. I'm glad I went, we had a blast and I got to lay out with some real sun for once.

How do you balance horsey friends, with non-horsey friends?? Do your horsey friends like spending time with your horse? My problem (as previously stated) is that I would always rather be at the barn, and often tell my non-horsey friends that I can't make it to this or that because I'd rather be on the back of a horse.

New goal: Balance life, riding, work, and friends.

Tomorrow starts another 4 weeks of 5:50am work outs. I really have no idea what I'm thinking when I sign up for this torture...


Leah Fry said...

We're so far out in the middle of nowhere, you can't really say we have friends in the sense of people we do stuff with. And Mike's work schedule really messes with any semblance of social life we once had. Basically, my barn buddies are all I have.

Dock Start said...

I have the same issue. Once I decided that I'm only going to the barn on certain evenings(I'm at work during the day)and stuck to it, my non-horsey friends got used to it and now plan around it. It works out great given that I go to the barn on nights that traditionally are not social nights. Honestly, Rose has no clue if I ride her on a Tuesday or a Friday, but my non-horsey friends certainly know the difference! Good luck.
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SprinklerBandit said...

You sound like you haven't started the downward spiral yet!

I'm horrid. My social plans are always made around my horse plans. I very rarely ever give up horse time for people. My horsey friends understand and will come see my horse, but non horsey friends are less interested. Anymore, I don't even like going to non-horsey gatherings. Seriously. You have to shower. Lame.

Best of luck. I'm told it's healthy to have human friends.

Denali's Mom said...

LMAO!! Sprinklerbandit, that is exactly what I think!! "Eh, if i am to go to this event then I can't go ride... do I want to go?? Nah!" I dont' go to things if I need to shower after riding!!

Ashley said...

This is where we get pegged as the weirdo horse girls. hahahaha but yep, even my mom expressed a concern when she found out I was getting #2. She knew that meant being at the barn longer and said "what about hanging out with your friends?" hahaha!

ive gotton to the point where i am OK with people not understanding. And frankly...if they don't understand then I don't really wanna be their friends hahah jk.

it really is hard to balance though!

Rachel said...

tonight, im supposed to go to this networking/alumni/we-all-work-for-local-governments drinks get together. I only get 2 weekday evenings off a week and I am desperately kicking myself/ brainstorming how to get out of it bc its beautiful outside and I wanna ride my horseee!