Sunday, September 19, 2010

She's BACK!!

It was the Regional Dressage Championships this past week near Seattle, and I spent the weekend there hanging out with a friend who was competing. Big, beautiful, amazing horses. I loved watching the Musical Freestyle, although some of the music choices... well, they were not what I would pick. I've said since the beginning, SOMEDAY I will do a musical freestyle to old school rap. It night just be in our arena, and it might not be fancy, but it will be hilarious!!

I was able to buy a new pair of 3 season full seat breaches for 1/2 off. I was pretty excited, and had a good time. I wish I would have had more time to hang out. On my way home from the show I had one of my two "life flash before your eyes" moments that I had today. Driving up I-5, and all of the sudden the skies opened up and I couldn't see ANYTHING. It was super scary. I had to slow down and just pray that I didn't hit anyone, and that no one hit me. LUCKILY, that only was a few seconds, and the rain let up enough that I could see where my car was going (at 20 MPH) I'm just glad everyone else slowed down, because if there was an asshole driving it would have been much scarier.

After my scary drive home my husband and I went out to take care of the giant warmbloods. There is an 18 hh warmblood, who is huge! He is super cute and super sweet when you don't get between him and his food. Tonight when I was putting his mash in his stall and I got on the wrong side of the food bin, and so I had him between me and the door. When I tried to push him back he turned around and tried to double barrel kick me. I screamed so loud at him, I gave my husband a heart attack, myself, and I think the horse. He stopped and ran out the door of his stall. That would be life flash before my eyes moment two of the day. Super scary. He was just sold, so he is leaving soon. His owner had warned me about his sometime naughty behavior, I just let my guard down. The horses were not turned out today because of the rain,so my job was cut in half.

After we finished at the Giant Warmblood Barn my hubby and I stopped at our barn to check on Denali. Well, let's just say that the She-Devil is back. She was eatting grass, so I called her name and she went NUTS!! Running and bucking, and stopping, and spinning. My trainer came running over and we both yelled at her. She started doing it faster so we walked away. She likes an audience so we didn't want to give that to her. My vet had said she could be in a bigger paddock, but still, I don't think she expected this. D finally calmed down enough that I was able to get her halter on her. You would have thought she was going to the track. Bouncing in place and head held high. She tried to run into me so I tried a new trick that a friend of mine told me she learned from a John Lyons clinic. I kicked her in the chest. You would have thought that I beat her with a whip for half an hour. The look of shock in her eyes, but she instantly backed off and quickly calmed down. We hosed the mud off her legs and groomed her. There was no swelling or heat. I asked my trainer to check her in the am. I decided to do a little walking and trotting with her.... exciting news!!! Not a single lame step!!!!! She looked as good as she did a year ago! I am so happy. I no longer need to say "well, if she's ever sound agian." She is sound, so hopefully as we do more work she'll remain sound, but I have a good feeling this time!

Hope you had a good weekend!!


Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

Soundness is awesomeness!!!!!!!!!!! Hoorah :)
Now..a kick in the chest? How did you get your leg up that high?!

Denali's Mom said...

My legs are ridiculously long. I have a 37" inseam.