Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pony vs. Puppy

Today was one of those days. I have been having a difficult time with adults that work with my kids, and have been very frustrated. I haven't been able to get out to the barn since Sunday, and haven't ridden since Friday. Both make me very sad.

I finally got out of work and made my way to the tack shops. My old saddle is on consignment at one of the two tack shops. I stopped in Friday to see how it was doing, and it was out on trial. It was three days overdue to be returned, and the lady assured me that she would find out where it was on Saturday (this past Saturday.) I decided to call today to see if she took it or not, and what do they say? That it's still out on trial. Um.... It has been out on trial since Sept. 5. I'm not really cool with my saddle being ridden in for 18 days on a "trial." Especially since they didn't really seem too concerned. They said they'd call me tomorrow with an offer. Maybe I'll just do that... take saddles out on trial and just ride in those. It seems easier.

I stopped at the other tack shop on my way to the barn and gave them my "wish list" for a saddle. There is a girl who works there who is has a very similar build as I do. She wrote everything down and said she'd keep an eye out for me. I'm like a little kid, I just CAN NOT WAIT for my new saddle!!! There was a Southern Stars saddle on e-bay a few months ago. I really liked that one too, and wish I would have bought that one.

Got to the barn in an extra grumpy mood, but my trainer told me to go get a horse and ride. I'm so glad I did. This is the third time I've ridden and can honestly say that I actually feel like I know what I'm doing. I had to cut it short, but it went really well on the Paint Mare.

After riding the Paint, I went to get princess. She came barrelling up to the gait (great Denali, just great) and was super excited to see me. We walked calmly into the barn when the trainers new puppy jumped down from where she was sitting. Ms. Slew lost it and cow kicked. She didn't get the puppy, but it must have been VERY close. The poor thing was shaking so hard for at least 20 minutes. I felt so bad!! We think that D kicked the chain the puppy was on. My trainer was really nice about it and said it wasn't my fault. It was a good lesson of "what not to do."

After the puppy incident I put D into her stall and checked her hind legs. They still feel "bumpy" but there is no heat or swelling!! YAY!! She looks good to trot out. Keeping my fingers crossed. In the middle of checking her legs she decided it was in her best interest to kick me. Yes, Princess decided to kick the hand that pays her bills. I WAS SO PISSED (understatement of the year!) I gave Ms. D an attitude adjustment and introduced a new little girl who was tacking up a lesson horse to some new vocabulary words. I threw Denali's halter on her and made her stand in the cross ties for a while because I think she was pissed that her dinner was being interrupted.

Stupid Mare. You are SOOO lucky that you are so cute!


Leah Fry said...

Whenever I read stuff like Denali kicking the hand that feeds her, it's a reminder to me to not become complacent. Neither of mine have ever even threatened, which doesn't mean a thing.

Glad the puppy wasn't hurt and that your ride went well.

JennyB said...

Aw it sounds like you need a hug and more time happily de-stressing in the saddle. Everyone has these days when ya just want to scream but it always gets better too =)

~~JennyB, Horsefeathers

Rebecca said...

Ugh, hope that your saddle doesn't disappear.

At least the day sounds like it got better. :) By the way, you made me laugh out loud at the mental picture of a little girl tacking up while you were carrying on a "come to Jesus" meeting with Denali.

Anonymous said...

Good for you. One of my favorite parts of reading your blog is the progression of your confidence when it comes to handling horses in general, but specifically Denali. The great thing, too, is that it's becoming instinctual for you, rather than the "my-horse-is-misbehaving-I-have-to-do-something-but-what-omg-let's-try-this" approach, but rather swift and sure of yourself. It's really nice to read about, as I'm in a similar place, getting back into horses after a several year break and it's nice feeling my own person-around-horses-habits develop!

Denali's Mom said...

Thanks a lot Anonymous!! Thanks everyone!!