Friday, September 17, 2010

Positives of Working at Giant Warmblood Barn

Someone posted a question about what I thought about taking lessons at two barns. Honestly, I love it! I am getting the same information from both instructors, but their teaching styles are different so it helps me to learn faster.

Yesterday I had a lesson on the Giant Warmblood, and it went really well. Again, the trainer told me that I am too hard on myself and that she was very "impressed" with my riding after just three lessons. That was fun. I still don't think I'm that I'm making that much of an improvement, but it's fun.

At the barn before my lesson I was talking to a woman who owns 3, yes 3 horses. I was telling her how I am saving for a new saddle, and how I love the one I ride the Giant Warmblood in. It is an Albion SLK. She asked me what size seat I wanted and I told her, 18 inches. She said she would sell me hers for $1,000 since she upgraded. Love people with money. She wasn't sure if it was a MW or a W and said she'll get back to me. Regardless, my husband (my poor, poor husband) and I are going to look at another saddle, Prestige 2000 D, which is on sale at the Tack Store because it is the Demo. I might be taking out a loan from the Bank of Baby Brother to purchase a new saddle. I just want something that I know fits me. Mine fits Denali, and is a 17.5 and my femur is 22 inches long (maybe longer, I measured it with rulers, lol.) Regardless I have a hard time still finding a comfortable spot for my leg. I think that will help my confidence a lot!

In other news D took down the fence, this time she made sure that I wouldn't be able to put it back up. Sigh. Oh Slew!! I will need to take pictures. Also, we got new boarders already! They seem really nice. One was telling me how "naughty" her horse is. I told her some Denali stories, she told me some Chance stories.... Denali might have met her match!!

Happy Friday!

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