Monday, January 31, 2011

Mudane Monday

One positive of today is that I got to sleep in! Yay! I love sleep ALMOST as much as I love my horse (almost, razor thin margin.) I had to go to the doctor's to get a check up on the old body post - Denali stomping. My regular doctor couldn't believe I didn't break anything. Neither can I. I also got to start my 3X a week allergy shots. Oh the fun of it. Have to love getting shots so I don't die around the mare in the spring.

Speaking of the mare, she has her own "store" on my blog now. (Yes, I'm THAT ridiculous!) Denali is selling tail bags to raise money for her vet care. We can be as optimistic as we want to be, but let's be real. It's Denali. We'll get another big bill. I know this, you know this, my vet knows this. After shelling out as much as we did in a year, I decided that we need to make sure we have the money, rather than continually draining our savings. Plus, I'd really like to get her a Back on Track blanket to help with that tight back. I've also included my header info!

Here is one positive thing! It's the end of January. We only have a bill for her fecal float (no more wormers for this girl unless we can help it.) Yay!!

Saw this on Facebook, thought you'd get a kick out of it.
New texting codes for horse folks:

OOH - out of hay
LAS - lost a shoe
BBM - bastard just bit me
FOMHL - Fell Off My Horse Laughing
FTC -- Forgot the carrots
MIHA -- Mare's in heat, again
IPTI -- I'll pick up tennis instead
LWW -- Lesson went well
MSMBO - mud sucked my boot off
HSIH - Horse Snot in Hair
HAO - Hay All Over
HIMB - Hay in My BRA
PIHH - Poop Induced Half Halt
UD - Unplanned Dismount
PTTDG - Prayed to the Dirt God
MMM - Master Manure Mucker
OOM - Out of money
MHTS - More horses than sense.
BAHHFDP - bought another horse husband filed divorce papers
GBBF - got board bill, fainted
GFBF - got farrier bill, fainted
HRHCF - husband realized horse costs, fainted
SLH - Smell like horse
DQFOY - Dressage Queen fell off - yipee
HTNHFH - Hiding the new horse from hubby
WWFNS - Will work for new saddle
AROGC - Arena rained out - going crazy
SSB - saddle sore butt
BTLGR - b###hy trainer left - good riddance
ALIGAR - At least I got a ribbon
NLT - No lesson today
HGR - Have a great ride!


Sarah said...

Oh my goodness, you always make me laugh:) I can't see the post while I'm typing this, but I've gone to work more times with Hay All Over and Hay In My Bra more times then I want to admit. My coworkers are luckily very understanding, and don't even tell me how bad I smell coming back from lunch some days:)

Annette said...

Those facebook/texting abbreviations are hysterical!

Kate said...

Hah, that's almost as funny as one that I came across once called 'How to Text Chicken' I'll have to see if I can find that again. I must admit, yours is rather more relevant...

Kate said...

O an egg
* a broken egg
O= a frying pan
:> a chicken
:> ~ <:two chickens fighting over a worm
:>O a chicken sitting on an egg

I swear there were more, but I don't remember them.

Checkmark115 said...

GBBF - got board bill, fainted
GFBF - got farrier bill, fainted
HRHCF - husband realized horse costs, fainted
....really killed me. Those are hilarious!

SprinklerBandit said...


Izzy so needs a royal blue tail bag. We will officially orderer AFTER board is paid this month.

achieve1dream said...

NF - Needle! Faint.

Sucks about the allergy shots, but you gotta do what you gotta do. :)

So is D making the tail bags? She's talented.

I loved the list. Very cute!

lytha said...

i hate facebook, but that is a great list.

lytha said...

oh, i should say why i hate facebook.

i hate it cuz it reminds me of all the things i cannot do now that i live in germany, instead of seattle.