Monday, May 30, 2011

Has anyone seen Denali?

 Help! Someone has kidnapped horsenapped Denali! No, no....maybe aliens have taken over her body. I ran out to see Denali today and figured it would be our normal visit. I'd walk up to the field. She'd ignore my existence. I'd yell. She'd ignore me. I'd leave.

Today I walked up to the field and I saw her little ears off in a distance. The next thing I can't make up. She looked up, nickered the loudest nicker I've heard from her and she came galloping the entire way to me. My heart melted. I ran hobbled to borrow a halter/lead rope. To take her out of the field. She was beyond adorable. I don't know if she has ever been this well behaved ever. The horses in the field quickly realized that they were missing out on a meal ticket and were running around being nuts. She just stood there and ignored them. I had sandals on (since I had planned on Denali ignoring me) so we went for a walk to my car so I could grab my boots. She was unimpressed with trunk organization skills and she started going through it.

Mom. Really??? This is ridiculous!
We went for a walk around the property and she looks and moves really well. It was so fun. I'd walk she'd walk. I'd run she'd run.  She somewhat ground ties, especially when there was food involved. I put her in the barn aisle way with some hay and ran into the grain room to grab some carrots. I turned around to her face. She had followed me into the tiny room. I had a small nervous breakdown (you know, me, Denali and small spaces.) She just looked around checking things out. There is a big step into the room, and there was no way for her to turn around. All I did was say, "Denali, you need to back up." She did. Perfectly. I was so proud.

We continued our trip around the property stopping at the bottom of a steep hill so she could eat the grass. I figured I'd sit there, she'd eat all and would be fine. Just then April, the horse with the gash in her neck (which has healed nicely) started screaming, and screaming. She was pinning her ears at Denali, kicking the wall and was pissed.

Denali was eating, but started to get nervous. I tried to tell her it would be okay, but she decided to GALLOP up the hill past me (no nero signs.) She calmed down, but I figured she had enough of an adventure so we walked up the trail back to the pasture.

She makes my heart swell with love. I don't know what I would do without her. It's hard to believe that 6 months ago she wasn't suppose to be here. I almost wasn't here. She makes my heart sing with joy. She was such a good girl, and even if I can't ever ride her she does more for my soul than I could ask. I love my mare. Thank you for loving her right along with me. She's so different now, she's so happy, she's so calm.

Yummy grass


Frizzle said...

Yay, Denali! So glad she's doing well physically and mentally. And, hey, I might not ever be able to ride Salem, we can start the Broken But Loved Horses Club, lol. Or does Beloved Pasture Ornaments sound more catchy? ;-)

Lisa said...

This made me smile.

SprinklerBandit said...

What an amazing day. :) So happy for you both.

goodtimetoreview said...

It’s amazing what happens to a horse when they live a life of leisure for a few months!
She looks great AND happy!

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

Mare loves turnout huh?! Awesome :)

Dom said...

This made me grin ear to ear :)

achieve1dream said...

Need to send those aliens a reward lol. She sure is looking gorgeous. I'm glad she's being such a sweetheart for you. You know there is nothing wrong with you not riding her (although eventually you may decide to). Just having a horse in my life again is the best thing ever. I am impatient to ride him, but I'm happy to enjoy his company until he's old enough. :D