Monday, May 2, 2011

Weekend Update (on a Monday)

First order of business. Remember last week when I asked you what looked around my blog and see what was new? I think it's working now. My blog is officially I spent the whole $10.00 to buy my blog name. I thought of changing the name to something else, but what? I couldn't think of anything and I didn't want people to get lost. Maybe someday I'll become more creative. ? Who knows. I like that one, but don't want to steal it from Pia's mom. She made it up.  Any idea for creativity would be great.

Friday was my husband's 31st birthday. Which means that it's officially been a year since Ms. Mare-pants tore her suspensory. One year. So much, and so little has happened in a year. It has been a crazy year. Friday we went to happy hour at a small Swedish Club in Seattle. Sig Hansen from the Northwestern (Deadliest Catch) was there. Sadly many old swedish men kept talking to him, and I didn't want to appear to be a freak. So other than tripping into him as I got my third glass of wine I didn't get a chance to say anything to him.

Saturday I went to Horse Yoga at the center where Denali is living. I didn't want to work with Denali learning all the stretches, so I borrowed the vets TB. What is it with Chestnut TB Geldings? They are the exact opposite of Chestnut TB Mares. So sweet, so kind and so calm. It was an awesome lesson on stretching horses and I learned a lot.

There is a new horse at the center. I'm in love with her! Her name is April and she went through a barbed wire fence. She cut her neck down to the jugular and apparently you could see it. She has a ton of stitches in her neck and has no reason to trust humans. She's been taken in by the rescue SAFE (Save A Forgotten Equine) and is there to heal. There is just something about a horse, who has NO reason to trust a human, walking up to you, resting her head against your chest and sighing... Love, Love, LOVE her. The girl I work with at the center (who I gave this website to, GASP!) told me that I love all horses. I do. Ones like this just get me.

I gave the ex-stallion Romeo a nice grooming session. He just can't stop thinking of girls and has a hard time focusing. He is a very smart boy and I think that I'm going to try to teach him some tricks. He's not ridable, but needs to do something. He has a very, VERY bad fetlock and can't get too excited. He's so sensitive and over-reactive. It might take him 5 years, but hopefully eventually he'll realize that he's NOT a stallion. Denali HATES him.

Sunday I got the wonderful job of putting 26 blankets back on the horses at the Giant Warmblood Barn. I think I would be lying if I said that I wasn't nervous about doing it. They were so good. The woman who owns it has a new horse that was just important from Germany I think. He was bought at the
Westfalen Elite Auction. He is 17.1, 4 years old and a giant lab. He is SO, SO sweet. I told her that if she ever wants to give him away (insert laugh here) that I'd gladly take him. He's AMAZING!! I actually gasped when I saw him for the first time. He's that perfect.

I must have smelled extra good. The horses kept sniffing and sniffing me it was so hilarious. I love them all! They are massive and quite intimidating. After working at the Giant Warmblood Barn I went to work at the place Denali lives. It took some adorable photos of the horses and will post them soon.

Happy Monday!


Dom said...

So cool you bought the blog name!

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

Next time you see Sig, ask if he can allow you and I to work a crabbing session, so in 3 weeks, we can make $70K and spoil our ponies! ;)

eventer79 said...

Yeah! Congrats on the new address! I guess doesn't really have much of a ring to it?

achieve1dream said...

LOL eventer too funny! Congrats on the blog name. :)

Sounds like you're working with some pretty awesome horses. It makes me miss being around a bunch of horses everyday. I think working at the dressage stable will forever be my favorite job. :)

Would you be interested in doing a post on the horse yoga? I've been doing some with Chrome, but all I have are YouTube videos to go off of. If you can I'd really appreciate it. :)