Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekend Update

My weekend was busy and exhausting. Like many of yours I assume. You work all week and then try to cram everything into one day (I work Sundays too.) My house still isn't clean, my laundry needs done, we do have groceries so that's a plus.

Saturday I was suppose to go to watch a dressage show, but it was cancelled due to the virus. I think it's smart really, and it freed up some time to spend with the husband. I don't remember the last time we just hung out. It was fun. In the afternoon he had to go to work, and I ran out to work at the center because Tuesday I have meetings all night long. Denali continues to be adorable, and a bit sore. Her new smartpaks came and I changed her from SmartFlex Repair to Cosequin ASU. They had a 1/2 of sale for the Cosequin and that was the only way I could afford the loading dose. My vet suggested a while ago to try it, so I hope she moves around a bit better. Most of it is due to the mud, but she still seems sore. I wish you all could have met her a year ago and then now. She's a different horse. It's nice to see her so happy.

I also ran out and got my new bit. They ordered and exchanged my KK Ultra for one that would fit Denali. I didn't even ask them. I just made a remark that the one I won didn't fit her.  I tried the new one on Denali and the look on her face was AWESOME!! It was a "what in the hell do you think you're doing. We're standing in the middle of a field." She was a good girl and kept chomping at the bit (ha!) After determining that it WOULD fit her I took it off and she went back with her friends.

Meet the Lease Pony!

Sunday I had a riding lesson in the morning. I would be lying if I wasn't terrified. The horse I'm leasing is a 16 year old Paint mare who has two crystal clear blue eyes, and is deaf. The deaf part doesn't bother me. I think it will be good for me to ride a horse that isn't sensitive to the smallest noise 2 miles away. Although I do need to remeber to give her pets and love so she knows she's doing good. When riding Denali, she could double as a security system. She hears everything and freaks. We tacked her up and I had a few "ah ha" moments. My nerves quickly went away and it felt right to be back up on a horse again. There were a few jumps set up, so I took her over those (she's in shape, I'm not.) I really like jumping a lot, but still think that dressage is safer. At least in dressage you're suppose to stay on the ground. Our lesson ended quickly because her son remembered that he was suppose to be somewhere an hour earlier. It was fine with me. We'll finish the lesson this week and I'm not too sore today.

The GWB was interesting. It was the first day that I've worked that the horses were turned out. I tried to sneak the grain into the bins before I brought them in. That way I wouldn't need to do it later. That went well. Then I took in one horse and the rest of them decided the were going to see who would be the fastest. Running all over their turn outs and destroying them. Sigh. Ponies what in the hell. I have a method to my madness when I work there and I think they know it. They don't get fed, grain, etc. if they're being a pill. I also don't turn them in if they are being a brat too. It was pretty funny. I would take one horse in and the rest would go crazy. When I walked back down they'd all freeze and act like nothing was going on.

One "pony" and I had to have a 20 minute "discussion" on how to walk into the barn. AKA: Don't run over me. Don't run past me, Don't lead me. He eventually got it, but hell if I was going to let him win. The rest were good. The owners new boy is just amazing. I wish I could take pictures of him, but I'd feel weird since she competes all over the US and doesn't know I have this blog. I always feel weird when I talk about the GWB.  He is massive and I felt so tiny leading him in.

Two interesting things happened yesterday. A girl was cleaning stalls and came up to me and started telling me what to do. I was a bit confused but figured that maybe she's been here for a long time and I just now met her. I let her go on and on. Eventually I stopped her and introduced myself. I asked her how long she has worked here (nicely, I promise.) Yesterday was her first day. I nicely told her that I have worked here a year if she ever needs help telling the horses apart.

Another woman came up to me and started talking to me in a slow, weird manner. I thought that maybe she had a speech impediment, or something else wrong. She was visiting a friends horse for her. After a second or two I realized that she didn't think that I spoke English. I told her what she wanted to hear, and the look on her face was awesome. I'm 6ft tall with the whitest skin and brown curly hair. I would love to have some Latino in my blood, but I don't.

Denali says hi and she promises pictures of her fat self soon. Hope you had a great weekend and that your ponies are staying healthy!


Jocelyn said...

My oh My , How I do love a Bay mare :) Girl, you and I could swap stories about green n green, horse with problems, medical issues, drama drama drama, and all before they get broke to ride. Star almost killed me several times, until I learned to trust her and her trust me, I love that horse more than life I tell ya!

Dom said...

Lease pony is so cute!

Andrea said...

That little mare is cute!!! And don't tell Gogo you are supposed to keep four feet on the ground in dressage... that is totally optional for her.

SprinklerBandit said...

Ha! So much fun at the GWB. Love the stories. Is that where the paint mare is staying?

Leah Fry said...

LOVE the looks of that lease pony!!

Kelly said...

My vet just recommended Cosequin ASU for my it is expensive! I just saw that email about 1/2 off Smart Paks - guess now is the time to buy it.

Love the lease horse :) Super cute - have fun!

achieve1dream said...

Eeeee what a fun post! I hardly know what to comment on.

The lease pony is so cute and I'm glad the lesson went well, even if it was short. I knew it would come back to you. :)

The story about the girls at the GWB barn were hilarious. People are so weird hehe.

I wish we knew each other in real life. We could have so much fun lol!!