Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sullen Saturday

Saturday started out with lost of potential to be great! I went to a schooling show (Jumpers) with Ophie's mom. It was nice to see her and to catch up. I miss sharing a barn with her. She had to leave to go have a lesson on Ms. Ophie, but I stuck around to watch a few more classes. As I was about to leave I saw one of my favorite horses from the Giant Warmblood barn. His rider asked me if I knew anything about Pete (Pete the horse I love on at the GWB.) Apparently another boarder told her that she saw him on craigslist for free. (Heart sink.)

Do you know what happens to very large, free, somewhat unsound,head shaking, older horses? Well. As far as I know the list of great homes for pasture pets is non-existent. A beautiful mare just pulled out of the kill pen with three days to go before she ships. Nothing wrong with her, just bad luck. Come to find out she use to do the Hunter Circuit (A) in the Pacific North West. I am so worried for him. I've searched craigslist high and low for the ad and can't find it.

So either A. She was wrong.
               B. The owner had a change of heart.
               C. Someone is taking him.

I am so worried about my large red friend. He's so sweet, but is so light sensitive his whole head goes, and it has been getting worse.

I decided that I needed to leave the show and go see my large red friend and give him some treats. On my way out of the show I saw this smart park job.

Seriously? Seriously. No, they weren't with the truck/trailer. You're at a horse show. You must realize that this person has no way to open their trailer to put their horse inside the trailer. I suggested that they either try to put the gate down, or tie their horse to the car. Another asshole parked in front of the trailer, so they couldn't pull forward either.

I ran to the Giant Warmblood Barn and took some photos of Pete. It made me sad. I'm so afraid that he'll end up in the kill pen, and I want to make sure that I have photos to compare to identify him. I can't go there myself because I'll bring SOMEONE home. I know it makes me sound crazy. I gave him so love and some treats. It breaks my heart that I'm the only person who has shown him any love since October at least. I pray that he lands in a home that will give him the love that he needs. He deserves it.

I also found out that one of my favorite boarders is leaving. I really, really like her and I love her horses. I made her promise I could come see her horses when they move. She's so nice.

After taking my ID photos of Pete, I ran out to see Denali. She just seems "off." It's been rainy and her pasture was muddy so maybe that made her grumpy. I took her out to go for a short walk and eat some grass. She seemed to love it. I honestly think that I could take her halter off and she wouldn't go anywhere. We didn't do much else than eat grass. I checked her legs for heat and they felt okay. She has a knot on her left hind where the suspensory tore. I assume that is scar tissue. She was a good girl for me, but I swear I have PTSD from the trailer because wow, simple things are such a struggle for me now. We're getting there.

Think good thoughts for Pete!

Also, if you see Summer and want to send it to Seattle, that would be great!


Snowhawk Przhevalsky said...

Oh man... Pete is in my prayers. I wish, wish, WISH I could get him here and just afford to keep him as a pet/lawnmower/poop machine. :C

Frizzle said...

Oh no, I hope that person was wrong about Pete! It's especially bad because you guys are so far north and not too far from Canada.
I know that as soon as I heard that Raffie was sick, I started making phone calls to find out Salem's situation because I wanted to make sure he didn't end up on a truck headed to Canada. There ARE some of us out here who are willing to adopt a horse with "issues," but it's certainly a longshot (especially with Craigslist!). I am thinking LOTS of good thoughts for Petey!!! He is far too cute for the kill pen (but, then ahain, they ALL are!!!).

Kate said...

Nope, not giving my summer up. It just arrived! Finally. I'm sitting with my back pressed against the window so that any heat and sun from outside can be magnified and passed onto me. Sad, I know.
Good luck Pete! Hopefully it was just a mistake/the owner had a change of heart.

Muddy K said...

Head-exploding frustration, is all. Horses (animals, people, lives) aren't discards, can't be discards. I love that you write about it (about Pete, too), but sometimes I worry that your huge heart will implode. If each of your readers gave you a thousand dollars, I know you could start the finest rescue in the world. So... it's less head-exploding for me to dream.

in2paints said...

I think I would lower my ramp and leave it resting on the vehicle. Those idiots might think twice before doing that again. I wonder about people sometimes...

I sure hope everything works out with Pete!

Sarah said...

Oh, sweet Pete. I will be thinking great thoughts for that sweet beautiful boy. Life is not all. Especially to sweet old, unsound horses.

Leah Fry said...

It's unfortunate about Pete. I hope someone nice finds him.

SprinklerBandit said...

If I see summer, I'm tying it up and gagging it and keeping it here forever. Sorry.

I hope all is well with Pete. Can you ask the owner of GWB about him? Maybe she has some insight.

Nicku said...

Gosh, I never knew much about the kill pen world until your blog. It's just SO sad. I know all my old horses ended up in lovely, forever homes, but it just makes me wish I could take in those horses that arent as fortunate. What a complete shame and terrible way to end a horse's life. They deserve better than that.

achieve1dream said...

Poor Pete. :( I hope he ends up somewhere really nice.

Sorry your Saturday kind of went downhill.

achieve1dream said...

This is so sad and frustrating! Blogger ate all of my comments. I don't remember what I said, but I've seen your more recent posts and know he's okay, so that's what is important.