Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Horse Shows

Have I mentioned that I'm running a horse show? I had to laugh at Fugly's post yesterday because I fully expect to have that happen this weekend. The first show is just a schooling show, but the rest of them (3 total) are rated shows. I'm glad I'm not a judge, but as an organizer I fully expect to have people give me their opinions since they can't give it to the judge (well, they aren't suppose to.) We hired the judge and since I'm sure she won't know anything that will make it our fault. There needs to be a reality TV show for horse shows. Right? Forget Beauty Queen Moms or whatever that show was called.... There's no drama like horse show drama. (or barn drama.)

I'm not the "head" person, (THANK GOD) but signed up to run the English/Western division at a local horse park. My PLAN was to bring Denali to the dressage shows hosted by the park this summer, and to make people NOT hate me when she took out the dressage arena (not saying she WOULD, but I think you all know her well enough to know what she's capable of...)

Instead Denali decided to become a pasture pet, and stuck me with running a horse show. How nice of her! (I am still refusing to say "retired" because SOMEDAY I will get on her.) This weekend could be very interesting.

Last night I ran out to work at the Center. April, who actually was featured on the Fugly Blog the other day (remember this nice photo), needed her neck flushed out. It reminded me of WHY I don't know if I could be a vet. The puss and gunk that came out of her neck....Yuck! April was a good girl and stood cautiously while the vet flushed it a few times. The stitches are still holding, but it is really swollen. She is such a sweet girl. I joked with Mel, one of the workers, that April likes me more. She ran around her stall from Mel, but let me catch her right away. (Ignore the fact that Mel gives her antibiotics three times a day. :) ) I love her. She always lets me catch her, and love on her. She's a VERY special girl.

The day she came in.

After taking care of April I ran out to do the first fly spray of the season on Denali. It amazes me at the number of flies that are already around. Dont' they know it's 55 degrees. There are warmer places bugs. Feel free to go there. She was a good girl and stood perfectly still (after catching her and giving her the mash/med/mix.) She is lame (SHOCKING) but it's only because of her trim she had in April. I thought she looked a little funny the other day, but when I felt her legs nothing was hot and she didn't look too bad walking around.

I finally have enough $$ in my "Denali account" to buy her a Back on Track blanket. I'm having the hardest time finding one that will work. They all do the same thing, but are slightly different. I can't figure out what the difference is between them. Plus, I swear the price went up. She's so tense all over, I think it will help my pasture pet be the best pasture pet she can be! 

In Pete news I finally got a hold of the owner of the GWB. Have I mentioned that I love her? She hasn't heard anything from his owner, which I think is a good thing! I asked her to let me know if he's going to suddenly leave. That gives me a sigh of relief. She is also letting me take a ridiculous amount of time off this summer without hating me. That's great. I have some traveling to do, but I'm sure that I will make it out there. She keeps telling me to come ride a horse. Sigh. I know. I know. As stupid as it sounds, unless it's my horse, or I have a goal (like showing) I don't have a ton of desire to ride at the moment. Maybe when it's warm.


Carol said...

These videos are hilarious. I'm sure you'll have lots of fun working on the show. Although I should keep this secret, I have to tell you - my horse Rogo jumped out of the dressage ring last summer in his first class of his first show and knocked one whole side down. I was SO embarrassed! So, Denali isn't the only one who can leave destruction in her wake :)
That neck looks awful. Glad she likes you and is geting well.

Ashley said...

Poor mare, that CANNOT feel good! 55 degrees in May? I cannot fathom. Yesterday when I got in my car at 4pm it was 97 degrees. Hello summer. And please...don't tell the flies to come south. We have ENOUGH! That, I am sure of!!!

SprinklerBandit said...

Hooray show organizers. That sounds like a daunting job.

Dom said...

I had not put together that this was the same April. Wow.

achieve1dream said...

Awww my comment got deleted. Blogger is so annoying.

I don't remember what I wrote, but good luck at the show and on finding a blanket that will work for D.