Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I took off Monday morning because I had a million things to do. I had to make some tail bags to send out, and my house was a disaster. It stressed me out. Monday mornings are easy for me to take off without having to write blow by blow lesson plans. A good friend of mine subbed for me, and my student teacher took over for me. That went well and I got about half done that I needed to.

Monday night a friend and I started to take an exercise class. Believe it or not I loved it! My knee and hip have gone to hell and I can't run without pain. SO we started taking a deep water exercise class. It was beyond fun. We did it for an hour and got out of the water and almost fell over we were totally jello like. I am STILL sore. Just what I needed though. I don't remember the last time I laughed that hard, or had that much fun working out.

Tuesday (was that only yesterday?) was a long day. Longer than it needed to be. Our Superintendent visited our school. One of my students yelled "F****** B****" which made me look awesome. Another student's mom died of an overdose. I only pray they didn't find her. Tuesday night sucked all around for lots of personal reasons.

I woke up today to find out that they are going to be putting down the gelding that I've been writing about. Mr. Romeo. I love that horse and he is so sweet. He was running around a lot and did something to his fetlock. He isn't sound just standing around and isn't doing well. I am running out of work to go see him and love on him. They are letting him go tomorrow.

I went to Day 1 Round 2 of physical therapy. My leg is all kinds of screwed up. I knew that. I have a list of exercises to do to build up my hip. Once my hip is built up they are going to work on my knee. I apparently hyperflex my knees when I stand and lock them. My calves are messed up because of the way I stand. My right knee is screwed up because of the way I walk on my right foot. My hip has no muscle tone. If I was a horse I would probably be put down. :( The good news is that she said I could ride. She said she'd figured I would anyway, so why make me feel guilty. She must have had other riders as patients.


Kate said...

Wow, it sounds like your week so far has been fantastic. I hope the second half goes better :(

Sarah said...

So sorry about your craptastic day. Had one of those myself today. And poor Mr. Romeo-life is a shit that way sometimes.

Yeah, with my back issues I've been feeling like a defective specimen lately. I hope your issues are fixable, and fix fast. No one told me how quick everything starts to go to hell when you get older! Gives me a whole new sympathy for our horses, who we ask to be hardcore athletes sometimes. Even just asking Miles to canter two laps around the arena-pretty sure I would pass out if I had to run the same distance:)

Denali's Mom said...

Thanks girls. Sometimes I just need to vent. :) For every bad week it could get worse right? I need to remember that.

Minus Pride said...

You will feel better after physical therapy!! And maybe you'll even ride better!! Blogs are for venting...vent away!!

achieve1dream said...

Sheesh sorry about the crappy start to your week. I hope it got better.

The exercise class sounds like a lot of fun, except I can't swim. I do love playing around in the pool though and it is fantastic exercise. :)

I stand with my knees locked too and I stand on one leg a lot. I've been told it's doing horrible things to my knees, but it's so hard to break that habit. Need to work on it because it doesn't sound fun what you're going through.