Monday, June 20, 2011

My week

This is how my week is or will be spent.

Sunday: Went out to see Denali with best friend who is visiting. Denali is extra twitchy and nervous. Wouldn't eat carrots. (Yes, you read that right, Denali wouldn't eat carrots.) We move to a different part of the field and she follows, and is less twitchy and eats carrot after carrot. I don' t know what happened at the fence line where we were, but something made her really upset. Denali reaches back and scratches her hock with her teeth. Most people wouldn't be excited, but I was thrilled. I haven't seen her do that in MONTHS.

Monday (today): Second to last day of school. Attempt to de-junk classroom. Print out Intro A and Intro B.

Tuesday: Say good-bye to munchkins. Work at center, study dressage test A and dressage test B.

Wednesday: Go ride horse.

Thursday: Go ride horse.

Friday: Ride horse than clean horse.

Saturday: Wake up, go to barn, load horse in trailer, take horse to show, hopefully do dressage tests without looking like total idiot. It's totally fine that I have somehow let myself get suckered into riding in a dressage show without really riding since September right? THIS could be there perfect example of a hot mess. I'm riding a rock solid mare, at least I was smart about that one.

In other news, don't forget that you can mail me a donation for our Rock n' Roll party and I will make you a tail bag! :) You can read more about that here.


MyHorseFaith said...

OOOOO You had better tell me your ride times, cuz I'm coming!!! Muhahaha. No seriously, i'll come help you out :)

Marissa said...

Um, have you visited my blog lately? Hunter princess in the dressage ring? I am quite sure that if I can manage not to completely humiliate myself (I don't even know where the letters are), you will absolutely rock it!

Checkmark115 said...

Who are you riding? I think I missed a post...

achieve1dream said...

You're going to do great in the show! Just remember to have fun. :D