Monday, June 6, 2011

What we do for love...

I appologize first to those of you who are my friends on facebook and who have had to read my pathetic posts for the past 4 days.

As you may know I have allergies. I've had them since I was born, and often when I had an allergy attack it would trigger an asthma attack. Always a fun time. I spent most of first grade in a hospital because they were so bad and I kept getting pneumonia.

I've been getting allergy shots again (I had them from age 7-16) since January and things have gone well up to last week. On Thursday I had a systemic reaction to my allergy shot and have felt like death since. I spent all of Friday sneezing and wheezing. I got blisters in my mouth.... actually we don't need to go into details....let's just say I'm gross.

So what happens? I got to go to the doctor on Saturday and given a ton of medication. Didn't work. Sunday my Doctor checked in on me and was trying to come up with a game plan for my next shot (shutters.) Not too excited for that. My body is still convinced that it is being attacked so it is on high alert. I got to send all weekend in the house sleeping. I went out and got some movies to watch, but then went back to bed. I tried to eat some honey (yes. not something I should do right now...) but that made the wheezing worse.

What am I allergic to?
  • Horses
  • Hay (Timothy is the worst...don't know why)
  • Dust
  • Pollen
  • Pine
  • Ash
  • Birch
  • (all trees...this will be easier)
  • Grass (touching it)
  • Dogs
  • Cats

I could go on for PAGES. Let's not. Luckily I am NOT allergic to bees, nuts, or anything else that might kill me. I think I would rather feel like total shit than have severe life threatening allergies. It does make me sad that I missed the gelding clinic, I haven't seen my horse in a week, I couldn't work at the GWB and I'm sure that was an inconvience (I told her Friday night, but still.) and I'm bored out of my mind. Boo. Still sneezing (I really think I broke a record) and still wheezing. The things we go through for love.


Gingham said...

Feel better :(

Maybe you can come over and we can just look at pictures of our horses and pretend like we're actually seeing them.

OR I could set up a "course" of jumps (pillows) and we could just canter (skip) over them and pretend like we're riding from the safe confines of an air conditioned house?

oh wait, I have a dog. (damn)

Snowhawk Przhevalsky said...

Luckily you aren't here in East TN! Knoxville is, for the second year in a row, Allergy Capital. (I think of the world, I know it's of the US.) I'm even having trouble, and I'm allergic to all of 4 things (officially), and 2 of them are dust mites! (Coffee and cockroaches are the others).

No pollen, no animals other than bugs, and I'm sneezing my head off and having to take days off work because I'm never sure if I'm just having bad drainage, or if I'm actually getting sick (which typically happens twice a year).

Good luck getting through it!! I can imagine as my mom is pretty bad off too... I didn't inherit all her allergies.

Rebecca said...

Oh wow, you really are allergic to everything (well, everything important, that is)! Ugh, that's gotta suck. :(
My parents' Golden Retriever is the only other being I know who is allergic to stuff like you, because he is allergic to beef, pork, lamb, chicken, fleas, grass, pollen, and other stuff I'm sure I forgot.

TBA said...

Boo is right! That sucks. I have allergies too, but not *quite* that bad. It does suck though because I'm allergic to grass, hay and dust - stuff that horse people spend 99% of their time around! I hope you feel better soon!

Lisa said...

Do you think horses are ever allergic to humans?

(p.s. you are one dedicated individual!)

achieve1dream said...

Uh oh. I've read this post and commented on it before, but it's showing up in my reader and my comment isn't here . . . please don't tell me Blogger is messing up again!

I don't remember what I wrote except to say I can totally relate because my allergies are bad too (not as bad as yours though I don't think) and I hope you feel better!